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I cannot imagine doing my job without Lavastorm.

Lavastorm's tools are robust and extensible. Their consultants are professional and capable.


Great product, great customer service

Lavastorm is very customer service oriented and not pushing for sales. Communicating with both sales and technical representatives is a pleasure because they truly are there to help you make the tool work for your organization rather than try to fit you into a prescribed revenue structure. Lavastorm is extremely welcoming to customer feedback and strives to continuously improve. Dataverse's capabilities speak for themselves and Lavastorm is doing a very smart thing by offering "freemium" desktop versions for their software. This model allows the users to truly learn what is possible before having to justify significant spend. The genius of it is that there is natural filtering that occurs where, the organizations for which Dataverse is the right fit, are by themselves raising their hand if they feel a need to upgrade to the enterprise edition. That makes both sides feel very comfortable that a potential enterprise implementaion will be a success! Our organization has prioritized the development of a data analytics program without rushing into the purchase of one or more pieces of software.That said, we've had to have communications with a variety of vendors to understand what is out there and Lavastorm has been the most respectful of our process.