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Microsoft Power BI, Power BI Desktop

Tableau Contender

For the price, it's given us a great option to easily handle the dashboarding needs of multiple departments.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Suite, Microsoft PowerView, Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools, Power View / Power Pivot, SQL Server Analysis Services / Reporting Services

Backend tools great. Visualization tools are lacking. Needed Power BI 4 years ago!

Too bad Microsoft didn't have Power BI available when we first implemented the tool. Power View is not very good and has several limitations. The Microsoft BI stack is very powerful; however, the various components, tooling, and solutions are scattered to the wind. There is not an easy way to do any kind of continous integrations and deployment with the Microsoft BI projects.

Power BI Desktop

*Relatively* easy deployment in Microsoft fashion, feature laden, but learning curve.

Relatively easy to deploy using self-service installs. An initial core set of team users trained on it by a training professional. A small team using it today as proof of concept.

Microsoft Power BI

clean cut dashboard solution

the implementation was successful and could create many drill down dashboards

Microsoft Power BI, Power BI Desktop

Power BI bring Analytics cpabilities to all employess

While there is a lot of fumctional overlap between Power BI & Tableau there were key benefits I was lookingat: 1)Reducing my dependence on internal technology partners to blend and get insoghts out to my business partners 2)Leveraging Power Pivot & Excell skillsets within my orgnaization Power BI can advacne the analytics capabilites at all levels of the org with a minimum investment of learignin time 3) Cost is relativley free

Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools, SQL Server Analysis Services / Reporting Services

Implementation relatively easy and state of the art

Really like using the product plus very reliable

Power BI Desktop

Easy to start

Is a powerful and easy to use tool. Integration with MS office is good.

Microsoft Power BI, Power BI Desktop

Enjoyed testing Power BI - cannot wait to use it once Microsoft fixes the major flaws

Power BI has so much potential. I believe it has two major downfalls. First, and more important, is the limited publishing options. There needs to be a better way to share reports and dashboards with an internal audience without requiring PRO licenses or sharing .pbix files and requiring everyone to install the dashboard. Think about the Wizard of Oz and how disappointing it was to look behind the curtain. That's what sharing .pbix files is like. At this point, your only publishing options mean that you have to create a public link that can be shared with the world or you have to use the SharePoint online viewer that requires a PRO license for each person accessing the dashboard or report. I tested various ways attempting to bypass the public link issue. Even when I created a public link to a report and embedded it into a SharePoint web part, there was a sharing option that I couldn't remove. This would allow anyone viewing the report to share it to Facebook, Twitter or send it via email to anyone they wanted. Second, there needs to be a way to only share the report without giving others access to view the dataset and query. In Microsoft Excel, you can control which tabs are visible and protect workbooks from certain functionality. You have fewer options to control the user experience with Power Bi than you do in Excel. Most of us do not want our reports shared publicly. And we should not have to pay for PRO licenses just for viewing capabilities. That being said, I do like certain aspects about Power BI. I do hope they fix the above flaws so that I can use it without concern. I like the visuals and find the query capabilities easy to use. I had to tone down my excitement for the product when I realized I could not share anything I had created.

Microsoft Power BI, Power BI Desktop

Implementation is very easy. Tool still has a long way to go but it meets our current need

Tool is very easy to use and can be easily translated to multiple departments/people. Tool was bundled into our existing infrasturcture package. The tool still has a long way to go in terms of maturity and availablility of custom features, template options and statistical analysis but it needs our current needs well.

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services

Microsoft Analysis Service provides most of the features you looking for

Microsoft analysis service works exceptionally well in our environment. We have upgraded it from the previous version, and it went well.