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Microsoft Business Intelligence Suite

Easy Implementation & Strong Business Impact, but Limited Data Visualization Capabilities

As a heavy business user, I love the product, and it is really starting to transform the way we do business analytics. Because it integrates with other Microsoft products we already use, including our SQL databases, the implementation was fairly quick and easy, so we saw a rapid payoff. We're also now able to put a lot of information directly into the hands of managers that they used to have to go to a savvy analyst to retrieve, which really cuts down on turnaround time for decision-making, drafting of proposals, etc. The one downside is that when we purchased the Suite, our understanding was that they were working to expand their data visualisation capabilities to make them more competitive with products like Tableau, and so far that has not come to fruition. Now we're getting requests for those types of services, and aren't sure whether to wait it out for MS to expand their product or consider purchasing something else.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Suite, Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools

Met the demands at the time but data volume has created need to address performance issues

The Microsoft BI suite tool has worked as expected and we have the expertise in house to implement complex BI designs. We have encounter some issues as we the organization and data volume has grown, specifically in terms of performance.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Suite, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools, Power View / Power Pivot

MS Analysis Services for Operational Efficiency

Microsoft SQL based infrastructure is in place corporately so integration was easy.

Microsoft Power BI

PowerBI Implementation

There products have started to become top notch recently. I love the new agile release cycles.

Microsoft Power BI, Power BI Desktop

PowerBI Review

PowerBI has been a positive tool thus far for our business.

Microsoft Power BI

Implementation is really easy with an existing cloud database, but less product features

We have a small deployment and implementation to tap into an existing Azure SQL server. The process is pretty straight forward and easy for us. Since it's all set up, the cost related to the implementation is fairly low.

Microsoft Power BI, Power BI Desktop

Very Effective Analytics Tool

Still a bit raw in its maturity, have had some growing pains. Power BI Desktop did not play nicely with some of our proxy software. However, power bi has proven to be the leading analytics tool for our enterprise. The web service components have been easy to use. Sharing amongst non pro users has been a little frustrating, but it's great with pro users. Power BI is beautiful and attention grabbing.

Microsoft Power BI, Power BI Desktop

Relatively easy to implement, out of the box.

Integration with the existent infrastructure

Power View / Power Pivot

Allows people to utilize the tools they are provided more effectively.

PowerPivot has been a phenomenal tool for our company. All laptops already have MS Office installed so a simple add-in that allows data management has been a huge success.

Microsoft Power BI, Power BI Desktop

Easy to implement and performs very well

Good product which was a great fit due to our Microsoft stack and development teams already in-house