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Low cost may indicate a short term vision, some people call it quick wins!

The implementaiton and scope was not very stright forward as the overall solution architecture was proposed by the 3rd party partner listing microsoft as the data warehouse and microstrategy as the front end BI anlytics tool, data sientist were appointed as well selecting one of the key transportaiton consultnat in the region a reason why the bid may got so interesting from an offering stand point and not really a technology defferenciation. low cost it worked cant complian however not at all the Big Data platform I was hoping for and so we end up starting a new Big Data platform project.


Enterprise-level scalability with proper vision in mind for the product

Mobile capabilities are extremely powerful than going with native iOS code. Web with lot of adhoc options for end users is quite user-friendly if proper user training is provided. Latest VI analytic desktop dashboards is good though not comparatively better than Tableau or Qlik - it has its own PLUS


Implementation of MicroStrategy with a Netezza DW solution

Onsite support and dedicated account management team were very helpful.


Solid and reliable product

The product has performed well and the company continues to provide innovations in their releases.


Do not upgrade to version 10.1 Our upgrade failed.

We have implemented many mobile data applications using MicroStrategy and it has worked very well for us.


Upgrade was easy, but still ran into technical issues

I inherited Microstrategy when I joined the company. I think other tools are much more limber and could meet the needs of a broader audience without dependence on the IT team.


MicroStrategy is a best-of-breed BI products and have moved with technology trends.

We had positive experience with the product and its services.


Beware the hidden costs of complexity. Fragmentation confusion!

Capabilities of product are generally good but fundamental considerations are not provided.


Steep learning curve for advanced metrics.

Made emailing and alerting easier. Overall Satisfied.

Microstrategy, Other...

Adoption was quite easy, needs improvement on self-service.

Timely accomplished the project.