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Many options, need to know what you want

Solid performer and know what you are getting so long as procurement is managed tightly


Before starting a project define clearly SLA and KPI

The project implementation took longer than expected


Implementation was as successful as our business requirement definition and involvement.

Good overall experience. Would do it all again if business requirment definition was better.


Excellent product

Oracle OBI was a sketchy purchase for us at first. Our management teams were on the fence and took a while for the company to adopt the new program. After 3 years of using it, more and more people are jumping on board. The implementation went quite well.

Oracle Big Data Discovery

Step child of Oracle

Good until Oracle took over.


It's Now! Time to ride the wave of change.

Very cooperative. Support from vendor senior management. Timely support from technical team. Always ready to support sales team from vendor.

Oracle Big Data Discovery

Great search capability, UI is a bit dated. Limited options for end-user customization.

Easy to use. Great tool for exploring data specially when search is involved. Adding custom calculations is not intutitive for the end-user. End users will need to understand EQL a variant of SQL in order to add custom fields.

OBI 12C, Other...

Need for more knowledgeable experts

The knowledgeable experts were not based in Europe but in the US The Dutch experts didnot know a lot

Oracle Big Data Discovery

implementation was smooth

Endeca has been a solid product to work with.

Oracle Big Data Discovery

One of the good search engines out there.

Good product but not so good vendor.