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Qlik to Get Clicked

Excellent tool

Qlik Sense, Qlik Analytics Platform, Qlik Sense Desktop, QlikView, Other...

Implementing is fast and easy, but don't forget about performance.

A great set of tools from the technical point of view. Enable me to implement solutions quite rapidly while reusing my already 'time investment'. For example, I've developed a solution using QlikView & QlikSense desktop for advanced End users who want to do "self-service BI" and also re-used the same already developed apps to issue ad-hoc reports for top management who wants powerpoint type reports. I was also able to reuse already developed QlikView apps on the Senes platform w/o the need to rebuild all the app. I need only to rebuild the UI. One thing we did struggle was with performance on the server level. I was not involved in resolving the issue so I cannot say what were the reasons (was it indeed Qlik or maybe other infrastructure)

Qlik Analytics Platform, QlikView

Great tool

great tool





Great Product - Initial Tough Learning Curve

Excellent, professionally compiled software and extremely active live customer forums have helped us consolidate a multitude of different data sources together to provide internal users with a more robust single customer view to help drive marketing and sales within various brand departments. As a self-taught Qlikview developer although there is plenty of help to hand online there is an initially steep learning curve to get to grips with the complexities sufficiently enough to deliver a robust system


Great for smb as well as enterprise

qlik provides super fast user experience due to the nature of its memory qlik engine. although sense is being driven by qlik to capture the saas market, the company should not forget its core positioning that got its recognition in the first place. would like to see more visualizations and stats on current platforms of qlik

Qlik Analytics Platform

Great tool for analytics and data visualization


Qlik Sense, Qlik Sense Desktop

Good product for self service BI

Good self-service BI, some difficulty with external connectors


Quite easy to implement

Support is usually fast and good. We've had some licensing issues but they have worked out.

Qlik Sense

Implementation, use has been simple but upgrading is confusing.

The Qlik team has been entirely transparent and helpful with implementation and learning.