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Qlik Sense, Qlik Sense Desktop

This application's versitility is Amazing!!

Just went to vendor preview of the product and the versitility of this application is amazing. The ease of making various dashboards and the security implementation was a win-win for me.


All what Websites can showcase on UI, Qlik can mimic it as well

Working on Qlik products since 2011, and as the years go by the products getting more flexible and more UI oriented.


Various easy to understand data transformation functions

ETL engine of the tool is very powerful

Qlik Sense

Need to have more Visualizations

Easy to install, develop and User-friendly UI and Mobile.

Qlik Sense, QlikView

Implementation was relatively easy, but admin and support has been challenging.

We found the Qlik Sense product to be very strong on visualizations and ease of use which has enabled business self-service. The vendor's support processes and the technologies administrative features are somewhat immature and have proven challenging. Overall experience has been positive.

Qlik Sense

Overall a Gartner top-quadrant vendor, just ensure you know your integration needs upfront

The product itself is great overall. Visualization capabilities are excellent, at par with top competitors. Ranks highly in Gartner evals. Large customer base, user base, and support base. Extensions and Community is a good benefit. Sales/account management promised us that we would be able to easily integrated with ServiceNow and that has not come to fruition, we have had to rely on an alternate means to get ServiceNow data. ODBC doesn't work from our server and has 10k limit for ServiceNow anyway. REST API does not work with proxy being needed to connect out. They don't have a native connector ready or in the roadmap as far as we know. Hoping they will be able to do something to address this.

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense Beginner

New to using Qlik - have been to two formal trainings. Just beginning to develop dashboards in the tool. Have been to two formal trainings.

Qlik DataMarket, Qlik Sense Desktop, QlikView

Value Comes If Prepared To Invest Learning Data Extraction Scripting/Modelling Language

Qlik view relatively stable - some good releases bifurcation of products not the best Qlik sense Qlik View more recent nprinting experience very poor.

Qlik Sense

Qlik tools met business objectives

Experience has been good. Qlik has engaged proactively


fast adoptability

easy to use, good graphics, ...