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fast adoptability

easy to use, good graphics, ...

Qlik Sense

easy roll-out and rapid adoption by the end-users

I'm quite happy with the product.


Our IT guys are able to give us what we want in shorter time period.

Request to IT took lesser time to deliver, ease to use.

Qlik Sense

Implementation problems caused by immaturity of company understanding data

Vendor has been extremely helpful and has given lots of support to company during the rollout and development phase of the project


Implementation was easy and adoption within the company went very smooth.

The adoption of the product went very fast and well people got overwhelmed with the amount of data they could work with


We got easy new user interface for very complex and fragmented data sources

Technical and good programming skills, however lacking somewhat substantial knowledge of industry

Qlik Sense, QlikView

Easy to use and deploy

Product is great and was widely adopted by user that were reluctant to use the regulatory BO reports

Qlik Sense

Implementation will take some time

Qlik Sense seemes to meet expectations

Qlik Sense

Simple to setup and rollout, business buy-in very easy

The rollout of Qlik Sense is quite simple and well managed, and the licensing protocols are easy to implement and setup. Given previous experience with other established vendors, the ease of install and speed of rollout is a breath of fresh air. The product setup also allows us to govern the underlying data and split the workload between IT (security, data, setup) and business (dashboard creation, sharing), which was a key driver for product choice.


QlikView with a superb provider was perfect