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Powerful multi level drill down made organizational buy-in easier

Ease of use and configuration. Availability of resources with skills in this area was a plus.


Qlik Sense

Implementation was NOT easy. Networking aspects were complex

Normally satisfied. Sometimes it takes time to get a valid technical response from vendor since some of the answers require input from the developers.

Qlik Sense

BI Tools purchase decision - start small or big - which vendor to choose?

Both Qlik Sense and Pentaho met our business requirement at high level. But the cost model for Qlik was much better aligned with our client growth strategy (pay as you grow per licenses) than the Pentaho up front big investment. The Qlik business model allowed us to procure only projected number of licenses for the first phase of the product roll out while the Pentaho price model was too big of investment for the client up front. Also since the client doesn't have full requirement on what BI feature they want to implement, it was hard to justify the Pentaho big price tag. Qlik provided a perfect pricing model for our client where you pay as you grow and easily add other Qlik services in the future life of the Qlik suite.

Qlik Sense, Qlik Analytics Platform, Qlik Sense Desktop, QlikView

Excellent support / Robust functionality of the product

Qlik provides top-tier service on every level. As a large customer we have direct reach in to Qlik's technical expertise as well as product support. Their support has been unwavering.

Qlik Sense Desktop

Implementation was easy, needs more robust/flexible charting options to replace Qlik View

Vendor provided good technical support to get internal team up to speed.


Excellent tool for quickly building data-discovery applications to support Analytics

QlikView has helped my team tremendously in developing data discovery applications for our data stakeholders and also deploying self-service capabilities to accelerate time-to-market for our key initiatives. Our working experience with the assigned Qlik account rep. has been very productive. Besides, their online support/resources to learn, implement, and troubleshoot QlikView have been very satisfying. Those who are looking to do just self-service "reporting" should explore QlikSense.

Qlik Sense

Fast and flexible, but some features are lacking when using hybrid or cloud deployment

The product works great and is much faster that the comparative products. Development is easier as well. There are still some features that are missing from the hybrid deployment method that we're using, such as export to PDF and printing, but we have devised work arounds for the majority of these. Qlik's development community is large and very active. Overall it's been a great product and it's able to give our data analysts tremendous insight.

Qlik Analytics Platform, QlikView


We have been using it for more than 7 years and going strong

Qlik Sense

Implementation was easy , but Qlik sense is not developer freindly compared to QlikView

Qlik customer support is good.


NPrinting creates great reports, but the developer interface is kind of clunky.

technical support has been very willing to help. Local user community hosts popular user events.