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SAP BusinessObjects BI

BO Implementation

It was a long implementation process. The tool was selected because SAP was already installed and used throughout the organisation tha BO will perfectly use the SAP capabilities

SAP BusinessObjects BI

Good as expected

SAP provided timely and efficient support when required. SAP Business Objects adoption is a no brainer especially when SAP is already an ERP in the enterprise. The integration with other technologies like MS-SQL is well documented in SAP knowledge base. Tons of videos on new technologies like Lumira, WebI etc are available on public sites for anyone to access. Documentation is really good and is available in the SAP portal.

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, SAP BusinessObjects BI

SAP BusObjects...walk before you run. Don't try to boil the ocean on day 1.

SAP provided cross-functional expertise in order for our team to identify and monetize the potential opportunity across geographies.

SAP BusinessObjects BI

BO is great tool but needs to mature more as a platform

Support is average. Upgrade has been a hassle.

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis

SAP works but is not the best solution on the planet.

Need to use BOE because the Epic has adopted Crystal as their reporting platform.

SAP BusinessObjects BI

Business Objects innovative approach stays ahead of the competition

Product enhancements have always been forward thinking. Metadata layer has allowed the users to experience easy analysis. As a designer, it has been easy to integrate aggregate tables for performance without affecting already created reports. Users are able to have an interactive experience as well as publishing PDF and Excel documents to our portal. Distribution methods support all our B2B processes. Scheduling and delivery is a strength. Key features include the ability to merge multiple data sources, new and improved charting, and easy connectivity to most ERP applications, powerful scheduling, report monitoring, and performance monitoring tools. Web Intelligence usage can range from an entry level usage (users can take advantage of already developed reports) to very advanced reports that have complex filtering and formulas. Web Intelligence can also create PDF or Excel documents that can be distributed via FTP, email, File server, Web service, or left as an interactive document. Security is easy using the Central Management Console and the Metadata (Universe) layer. Security can be based on connections, databases, application roles, and can be implemented all the way down to a column or row of a database table. Support has always been fast and effective. They have understood my issues and helped me resolve. They are also always willing to promote user ideas.

SAP BusinessObjects BI

Smooth implementation with some conversion struggles

Implementation went smoothly, but we had to rely on 3rd Party tools and expertise to transform and import reports/instances into new version.

SAP Lumira

Implementation was easy, now on to adoption

The vendor provided a lot of support and education that was needed. Since, they have been transparent in their roadmap in closing functionality gaps.

SAP BusinessObjects BI

Small or mid-sized companies should avoid this product

Our organization is a small to mid-size company, the support for a company our size is problematic. We do not get the best support.

SAP Lumira

Never imagined, we would deliver the Visual Report in just half an hour.

We wanted to Analyse ARCGIS Housing Data and this analysis was required to be at the disposal of our Power Users and End Users. Before utilising Lumira and Galigeo, Business Users had to rely on the ARCGIS team to deliver the required reporting via ARCGIS tools. There is another disadvantage with this was data had to be duplicated into the ARCGIS databases. To address these two issues, We used SAP Lumira along with the another Vendor - Galigeo Addon and achieved the required functional benefits of easy and quick delivery of the visualisation reporting. And this was achieved by the Business Power Users with the involvement of IT. There was also the benefit of not duplicating in ARCGIS database, as data was directly being accessed from the Data warehouse and used in SAP Lumira along with Galigeo. It was strange to note that Galigeo is not part of Gartner software stack, which in fact should have to be, as Galigeo tool can also be reviewed independently and most of my review is related to Galigeo. Nevertheless, for the purpose of the functionality deliverables, both Lumira and Galigeo had to be used together.