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SAP Lumira, SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, Other...

SAP provided great features needs more business scenarios

The Technology was new and finding expertise is quite difficult. It is manageable. But costly and time-consuming.

SAP Lumira

Room for improvement

Pro: SAP integrated, easy to learn Con: slow performance, crashes easily, cannot handle large data set, not robust, limited design options, very limited fuctionalities compared to MS Power BI and Tableau.

SAP Lumira

developed what we were looking for but product does has limitations

developed what we were looking for but product does has limitations

SAP Lumira, SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, Other...

User self-service reporting, need enhancement on mobility

SAP always bring new technology and good view on business intellgence and big data solution. We look for a reporting platform which could provide user self-service reporting and agile to any business warehouse system and database. Lumira is a best platform for dynamic reporting. We hope it could be used in mobility BI.

SAP BusinessObjects Roambi

Implementation was easy, user adoption required more work.

They were very helpful in the purchase and implementation.

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, SAP BusinessObjects BI

One size fits most, other products are more innovative

Overall Vendor is decently responses to needs of our organization. SAP is behind on the analytics side. There are other tools and applications that are much easier and better for our needs in healthcare. BO and Crystal reports is pretty old feeling, and the features are not inovative. Works for standard needs

SAP Lumira

Easy implementation and rollout, but confusing roadmap. Support stability is very low.

SAP roadmap and product integration change is very often and the stability for the customer realization time is relatively low due to acquisition and inheritance of other analytical tools. Very low stability with the version upgrades and confusion about predictive capabilities removed and added with other platforms reduced our trust in vendor roadmap and forced us to choose a secondary self-service analytics as a safety net for our business users.

SAP Lumira, SAP BusinessObjects BI

New SAP BI platform setup and rollout.

We have existing relationship with vendor which we were able to leverage and make this a better experience.

SAP Lumira, SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, SAP BusinessObjects BI, SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

Implementation was Complex, Vendor support was not great - Product is great for Business

Too complex product suite with too many place to go for ans. made our implementation streched out - they have information that is required to support - but its too vast to collate !!

SAP Lumira

Easy to onboard users.Need more vizualization and integration with other applications them

Easy to onboard users.