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SAP Lumira

Implementation was easy, now on to adoption

The vendor provided a lot of support and education that was needed. Since, they have been transparent in their roadmap in closing functionality gaps.

SAP BusinessObjects BI

Small or mid-sized companies should avoid this product

Our organization is a small to mid-size company, the support for a company our size is problematic. We do not get the best support.

SAP Lumira

Never imagined, we would deliver the Visual Report in just half an hour.

We wanted to Analyse ARCGIS Housing Data and this analysis was required to be at the disposal of our Power Users and End Users. Before utilising Lumira and Galigeo, Business Users had to rely on the ARCGIS team to deliver the required reporting via ARCGIS tools. There is another disadvantage with this was data had to be duplicated into the ARCGIS databases. To address these two issues, We used SAP Lumira along with the another Vendor - Galigeo Addon and achieved the required functional benefits of easy and quick delivery of the visualisation reporting. And this was achieved by the Business Power Users with the involvement of IT. There was also the benefit of not duplicating in ARCGIS database, as data was directly being accessed from the Data warehouse and used in SAP Lumira along with Galigeo. It was strange to note that Galigeo is not part of Gartner software stack, which in fact should have to be, as Galigeo tool can also be reviewed independently and most of my review is related to Galigeo. Nevertheless, for the purpose of the functionality deliverables, both Lumira and Galigeo had to be used together.

SAP Lumira

Easy to use

Excellent user interface and easy to use

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis

Implementation was troublesome and dashboard functionality was not as expected

Poor after sales support and the dashboard functionality was poor and unusable.

SAP Lumira

Looks great on the outside, full of bugs on the inside

Customer support is not always useful. The product was not mature when we first deployed it.

SAP Lumira

Lumira Implementation, Configuration & Training support by SAP tremendous.

SAP have been very helpful & supportive of Lumira implementation & rollout. Providing training workshops & tech support.

SAP Lumira

Lumira a great start

Great start but needs work with user experience and sharing.

SAP Lumira

Creates an Excellent End Product.

The product visualizations are very easy to learn and creates excellent finish product that can be distributed. However, data ingestion from non-HANA takes work and is not extremely intuitive. It took several tries to bring in all the data we expected.

SAP Lumira, SAP BusinessObjects Analysis

Clarity around product roadmap and costs would have helped us make a better choice.

The cost structure was not well communicated and it inhibits scale for our use case. Additionally, the circumstances around the absorption of the platform and future roadmap were foggy at best. Some miscommunication occurred and we ended up with a product that was never formally released and we were grandfathered into a support agreement.