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SAS Visual Analytics

Superior Product, Excellent Customer Service

Very nice platform and vendor was extremely cooperative and easy to work with during implementation process.

SAS Enterprise Guide

Implementation smooth as could be

Everything went smoothly

SAS Enterprise Miner, Other...

We need better systems/platforms for Natural Language Processing.

We need better systems/platforms for Natural Language Processing: SAS Entreprise Miner and SAS Text Miner have limited capabilities for this area.

SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Enterprise Miner

Results were impressive but costs very getting out of hand.

The technology worked well but could not compete with the disruptors. Was getting too expensive.

SAS Visual Analytics

SAS VA effectively helped to standardize and automate campaign results reporting.

SAS VA works well for our data needs. Our objective was to automate and standardize marketing campaign reporting, which the tool was able to do efficiently.

SAS Visual Analytics

Installation is tough, Indepth understanding of LAZR needed to use SAS VA effectively

Tech support has been really good. But the product rollout with new features has not been up to mark with the industry. They have to catchup to rest of the industry on cutting edge features .

SAS Enterprise Miner, Other...

SAS Advanced Analytics Lab delivered real world, tangible business value.

SAS Advanced Analytics Lab provided exceptional data scientists that could understand business value, construct methods to impute data gaps, and was passionate about the data discovery. They understood the objectives desired of the models and formulated the data approach. Unintended benefits were realized by the analysis of the data. We continue to develop our internal analytics and data science capabilities. SAS' success with our models provided the business case to develop and invest in this core capability.

SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Enterprise Miner

Smooth implementation, can't wait to add addionnal products/features from this vendor.

Vendor was highly skilled and competent. All small problems were resolved quickly and efficiently. Only downside, was project management at the vendors side. Sometimes it was complicated to get things moving.

SAS Enterprise BI Server, SAS Enterprise Guide

Implementation was a breeze

Strong bench strength and excellent customer support

SAS Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics in Higher Education

SAS assumed joint responsibility for successful implementation, even while working with another vender we used for our Hadoop cluster. SAS was professional in every way, from mapping out project scope through knowledge transfer after successful installation. Technical support has been stellar thus far. Support staff make themselves available around the clock to their custormers and work very hard to guartantee customer satisfaction. SAS project management made it seem as though our implementation was of utmost importance. I think the one thing that really stood out with SAS, was their willingness to spend a significant amount of time prior to our purchase of the product showing us what it could do using our data.