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Splunk Enterprise

Great product, easy to implement but need to consolidate management servers role.

Splunk is very flexible and easy to use. Can consume large amount data and provide analytics fairly quick.

Splunk Cloud

Implementation was not difficult, but cloud support for all integrations needs a lot work

Overall our Splunk Cloud deployment has been a bit dissatisfying. We received very little support from cloud support and had several instances where Splunk's cloud operations teams did not do their due diligence when upgrading the cloud infrastructure and rendered our environment useless for two weeks. Recently, this support has been much better and has allowed us to move at a slightly faster pace. The app vetting process is still too long, especially in a fast-paced environment.

Splunk Enterprise

Implementing Splunk to meet the needs of government contracts with NIST compliance.

Working with Splunk in install the centralized log management systems was not too bad. We spent most of the time understanding how the data would pull from all our systems and then use the analytical features of Splunk to ensure we had valuable output we could use.

Splunk Enterprise

Business Value Creation through use of Analytics for Cybersecurity

Good Long Term investment with key to the integration of security infrastructure with Business Value Oucomes.

Splunk Enterprise

Implementation was easy and problem free

Ease of implementation and ease of general use

Splunk Enterprise

The upgrade was very challening, and we barely completed it in the time alloted.

This engagement was an upgrade from Splunk enterprise 6.01 to 6.3.3. This took 2 weeks to complete, and that was only possible because the same consultant had previously completed a health checkup so he was already familiar with the environment. Splunk professional services are the most expensive consulting service I have ever worked, although the consultant provided was very good technically. Splunk Enterprise itself, is I dare say too flexible and unless you are very experienced with the product it can be challenging to work with, with all the configuration possibilities.

Splunk Cloud, Splunk Enterprise

Ops Log Management, Dashboards and SIEM in one offering brings value and complexity.

Good vendor support, although slow adoption rate internally due to cost pressures.

Splunk Enterprise

Easy to integrate and take on new data sources

Been a pleasure to work with, both the sales, and tehcnial aspects, as well as support.

Splunk Enterprise

Product is superior, but professional services are still maturing.

While Splunk provides a superior product, we ran into issues with their ability to deliver the scope of requirements that we put in front of them. It took many iterations and retries for them to get us to the point where the upgraded system was ingesting data properly.

Splunk Enterprise

Great and powerful tool

Great tool to search big data but we'll need a bigger license to create all the dashboards and alerts we want