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Splunk Enterprise

A better look at your data monster. Good for BI, but not so great for dev.

The software is goot at its job, and the online training materials for the tools are un-beatable. The few people with whom I have worked at Splunk have been friendly, courteous, and professional. For the software itself, from the perspective of one with a career focused on usability and user experience, creating reports is easy for the technically adept, but is a challenge for the typical business users. Customizations around the interface are a challenge, especially when looking for ways to condense the presentation geometry. in short, my feeling on the product is that it will do a lot, but to make it work best you have to tell it to do everything.

Splunk Cloud

Implementation was easy for the basics, but more complex solutions require a deep dive

Strong documentation and easy ramp up for the basic functions. Complex issues required a deep dive that did not always reveal a solution.

Splunk Enterprise

Implentation is complex as knowlege of AWS services is needed along with Splunk expertise

The vendor (Splunk) wanted to push our solution to their Splunk Cloud. We wanted to deploy Splunk components in our private AWS cloud. Once clarified Splunk was forthcoming in helping us.

Splunk Enterprise

Great All Around Log Aggregator and Historic Reliability - Send Everything and Splunk IT!

Love splunk, as a Network Engineer, I ran some of the betas / free versions (at the time?) and convinced our NETSEC team to move toward complete integration.

Splunk Enterprise

I'm very satisfied with our experience with Splunk.

Splunk is a solid product which meets most of our use cases for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and data analytics. Splunk provides excellent support with knowledgeable support people and quick response times. The only issue we encountered with Splunk is the pricing negotiation with our organization's Vendor Management. But from a technical perspective, as someone who has implemented Splunk in our organization, I'm very satisfied with our experience with Splunk.

Splunk Enterprise

Easy to install and setup

Easy to deploy and integrate with our deployment automation tools

Splunk Enterprise

Great Product. Better Performance

Splunk is an excellent product with the ability to handle massive ammounts of data, and still be perfectly usable.

Splunk Enterprise

Easy deployment but you have to decide on multiple design options beforehand

Splunk Enterprise is pretty easy to deploy. The vendor site has tons of info available on variuos supported configurations, i.e. single vs. distributed and so on. The deployment process went very smoothly.

Splunk Enterprise

SPLUNK - To SIEM or not to SIEM that is the question...

The SPLUNK support has always been timely, knowledgable, and accurate. Have never had an issue where a request or problem wasn't met or solutioned to our satisfaction.

Splunk Cloud, Splunk Enterprise

Dashboarding needs

General pricing needs improvement.