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Tableau Desktop , Tableau Dashboards

Exploring BI and Data Anatlytics with Tableau

Have more demand that we can meet from IT but lawyers aren't open to self-service en masse. May train some paralegals.

Tableau Desktop , Tableau Online , Tableau Server, Tableau Dashboards

TABLEAU implementation is easy to follow

Vendor provided consultants on site to troublesshoot our implementation.

Tableau Desktop , Tableau Server

Implementation was easy and were able to put to use easily

Able to get support as needed and support team has good understanding of the products and issues related to product

Tableau Desktop 

Superior training material with minimal need for internal training support

Tableau provides excellent training material for software deployment.

Tableau Desktop , Tableau Server, Tableau Dashboards

Tableau...do it!

overall install was easy. product scalability is awesome! Adoption curve was incredible, value realized immediately upon set up and deployment. Mad rush to use the server and its capabilities

Tableau Desktop 

Straight forward implementation

The product is easy to install and can be installed through remote acess.

Tableau Desktop , Tableau Server, Tableau Dashboards

simple implementation and extensions of infrastructure as we extended our user base

integration with existing systems was seamless. vendor was very supportive throughout our POC, implementation and rollout.

Tableau Desktop , Tableau Server

Powerful and easy-to-use self-service BI tool; integrates well with Amazon Redshift

Our experience with Tableau was great overall. There were a couple minor delays in the implementation, though, due to some missed details on Tableau's end. Nonetheless, we're happy with the final product and would definitely choose Tableau again. One of the major factors in our decision was the ability to integrate with Amazon Redshift, and this has worked well so far. Our BI developers have Tableau Desktop licenses and end users are on Tableau Server.

Tableau Desktop 

Suitable Data Viz

Overall experience is good. But generally Tableau didn't do as much as I wanted it to. And I think people have this perception that all data viz tools are actually more like an infographic and better than they actually are.

Tableau Desktop , Tableau Server, Tableau Dashboards

Implementation is fairly straight forward for traditional connections but hasn't adapted

While Tableau has a robust platform their integrations, connectors and ability to adapt to newer technologies has waned. They have several (beta) connectors they had us try to simply connect to online services that didn't work in the end. They also cannot support streaming analytics or simple service connections. To create a service connection you need to develop your own custom connector. I would think in a service driven environment, we could be able to connect natively to any source and process data at any rate.