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Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server

Intuitive & easy to get started on building some good basic analytics on top of your data

Product has good community support in addition to vendor support. It's fairly intuititive and easy to learn. However, extremely complicated visualizations are harder to implement.

Tableau Desktop

Very flexible BI software with high cost and limited integration options.

Best desktop BI software but high cost and limited integration capabilities.

Tableau Dashboards

Customer adoption of tool was great

Collaboration with vendor and consistent guidance to make us successful

Tableau Desktop

Easy to use Power Analytics user tool with intuitive interface

Vendor support has been within SLA of ticket/request systems

Tableau Desktop

Awesome Data Visualization - Does not do Complex BI

Tableau is a VERY easy to use data visualization tool. Which is great, but that's it. You basically have to feed it a well-behaved star schema for it to work. It is not a big data tool. It does not do complex BI. But it does do basic BI to an awesome level for user engagement/use. It also has limitations depending on your data source. A notable one being SAP. Tableau has trouble pulling directly from SAP a few ways: 1. If you want all the Tableau functionality you have to create and extract for SAP. 2. Creating an extract for SAP is basically a beta product. 3. Performance is slow if you want to create an extract.

Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, Tableau Server, Tableau Dashboards

Everything ran smoothly

Things worked well

Tableau Desktop

Easy to adopt the desktop version for quick and dirty metrics analysis

It's fine for a desktop tool, but for an enterprise rollout, a lot of integration will be required.

Tableau Desktop

Easy Execution, superb product, world class support.

An amazing company that really cares about its clients. The developer team meets with its clients to improve the software and the sales team makes sure that we have everything we need to succeed and isn't too pushy or aggressive. Overall a very good product from an innovative player in the space of business analytics. In addition to all that, getting Tableau into our enterprise was smooth and efficient.

Tableau Desktop

Easy to use, industry-leading visualization software

The software is great and very easy to use - however, we've had multiple account managers over a short amount of time.

Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, Tableau Server

Implementation went well- very bad user experience to manage our account and make changes

Started well - then ran into issues with their on-going support after implementation