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Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Dashboards

Great sales experience, supporting organic adoption by users.

Tableau's sales and support organization was amazing. They provided us with just the right amount of support. Their "and and expand" strategy really provided resources for the SMEs and eventual users to quickly gain experience and proficiency with the product.

Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server

Tableau was one of the most successful initiatives we have undertaken in recent years

While Tableau's competition has been catching up to them as of late, we continue to be very happy with our investment. The introduction of Tableau into our organization has been transformative. Perviously we had used a more traditional BI tool, where IT had to do more of the heavy-lifting and the end-users were limited to slicing, dicing, and drilling. But Tableau enabled our more analytical employees to explore data in new ways and tackle more report creation on their own. However, the demand for new data sources to be added to the Data Warehouse did rise sharply for the first couple of years. We unlocked a thirst for data across the organization. The Tableau initiative was widely recognized to be an enormous success in terms of its ability to foster data-driven decision-making and the core team took the top award at our annual President's Award dinner. Working with Tableau as a vendor is very pleasant. They have good attentive account managers who take the time to talk to you and offer a variety of suggestions. They put on very good training and their user conferences are outstanding.

Tableau Dashboards

Leverage agile approach,be prepared for major changes through the course of implementation

Niche field with limited 3rd party vendor availability.

Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, Tableau Dashboards

Implementation went well, would recommend partnering with a service company early

Product expertise has been readily available to us, however we had a few failed starts with 3rd party vendors and partnering for training and roll-outs. There were some unforseen technical challenges given our dataset sizes and the volume of data for Tableau online. This also caused several delays in our implementation to get these resolved. The good news is that all our technical challenges have been resolved.

Tableau Desktop


Easy to learn

Tableau Desktop

really easy to use UI but expensive for startup

I used Tableau mainly for creating charts. It was extremely easy to use and I had become familiar with it from my previous job. Overall the agents were also great to work with and it was easy to setup.

Tableau Desktop

Great UI, server scalibility and performance issues

some issues with scalibility and performance

Tableau Desktop, Tableau Dashboards

produces desired results

product works well, is reliable and support is readily available when needed


Tableau Desktop

Tableau change the data landscape at our organization.

Tableau has been instrumental in increasing use of data for decision-making. It is simply the best data visualization software available. Intuitive and highly capable.

Tableau Desktop

Easy to use BI tool, Need to improve for enterprise deployment.

Local visualization tool for power users.