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1010data Advanced Analytics

Implementation was easy

Facility and fast

1010data Analytical Platform as a Service (Apaas), 1010data Data Sharing & Monetization

The implementation is very smooth

Overall the experience with 1010Data is very positive. The on-site team is very knowledgable and help to address lots of questions and made the implementation a very smooth process.

1010data Advanced Analytics

It was great experience


1010data Big Data Discovery


It was alright

1010data Big Data Discovery



1010data Advanced Analytics

Great tool, with a promising future. There should be quarterly in person training.

Vendor is continuously providing new enhancements in a very cost effective way. Although, sometimes, don't get the support right away, which could be an issue based on the situation. But overall, I am satisfied.

1010data Advanced Analytics

Good Implementation, needs more valuable features

The implementation was easy and it's been useful by us (IT employees).

1010data Advanced Analytics

need more resources and Implementation of new tools

Its very good to Handle this type of things

1010data Advanced Analytics


It was okay

1010data Advanced Analytics, 1010data Big Data Discovery

Implementation had some challenges initially but got better with time

Very supportive and there was a very decent follow-up to the implemetation. Multiple back and forth communication was very well handled