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Debunking tradtional approaches: Is Search based BI a viable option in 2017?

started PoC - looking to solve the need to democratize access to information using a different paradigm. Is search based BI a viable solution? We are looking at this as a study - to prove/disprove the hypothesis of search based BI as an alternative to traditional approaches.



Overall positive experience.

Overall positive experience. Most issues were around our own data.


Super-easy implementation, users love the interface, but has small quirks and can be slow.

Primarily chosen because of flexibility of presentation and low learning curve for report development. Tool was easy to implement and was in use with data and searching weeks after powering on. Interface has some small quirks and it's obviously young, but support has been very responsive and addressed many issues.


Development was easy but the response from the tool is too slow

Thoughtspot is very user friendly and efficient in its own way. Makes the search for the query lot more easier. At times the tool seems to slow down when a huge answer is searched. It would be very helpful to all users and the development team if the tool reacts a bit early. Delayed response is the major drawback of tool


Best tool ever implemented successfully for analytics

Highly satisfied business community, with self serve analytics.


Easy to implement and enables end users to avail self help with large amount of data.

ThoughtSpot has an awesome team that knows what they are doing. Their support is superior level.



Really enjoy the product and its applicability in our HR business.