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Install was easy, no integration issues.

Installation was very easy, the product integrated with our infrastructure well. Customer service was prompt and quality of service was excellent.


Great software, with peerless customer support.

I have worked with a number of IT vendors and can say without reservation that Yellowfin have been the easiest and most responsive of all of them. They are very attentive, honest and offer a great service.


Easy to use interface, great feature set and excellent customer support!

Implementation was simple, thanks to extremely detailled documentation and helpful online videos. Where we needed some assistance, support was provided quickly. Yellowfin is extremely easy to use, with an intuitive UI for varying levels of analytics users.


Very easy implementation/integration. Superb collaboration/capabilities. Cost Effective!

Setup and integration of data sources have been seamless. Very easy. For the money, the functionality is unrivaled from what we looked at. The ability to build and embed reports is very flexible and has proven valuable. The variety of analysis tasks and report building we've done have been great. Have not been limited by functionality at all. Support has been flawless. Very quick response times and quick to offer up in-depth knowledge and expertise. The support around training and Yellowfin University is very good. Mapping functionality is excellent and very flexible.


Exceptional product, great customer service & assistance integrating into apps framework.

Superior support for customization and new features; provided code for SSO integration of internal apps upon request; beautiful look to dashboards and exceeded my requirements for performance.


Excellent product support and ease to use software for developers and frontline users

Excellent functionality at a very competitive price. Ease of working with the supplier. Excellent support all the way through the process and very responsive to any issues that arose. Technical development of the software is relatively straightforward and does not require significant and specialized training of staff as both users or developers


Support is Key to a Succesful Launch--YF Has It!

Yellowfin, on top of being a robust product, is timely with support and bug fixes. The experience in working with their team is always positive and informative--we couldn't ask for a better support situation. The product as a whole has grown tremendously since we started our integration (6.0 timeframe) and a good deal of the changes, whether intended or not, have benefited our team directly. Yellowfin is consummate in their client care and are always willing to integrate enhancements where appropriate.



Easy to use, good-looking BI tool with the right price, it's a pity it is not well-known

When we started working with Yellowfin they were not listed in Gartner's MQ so we were uncertain about the tool, we made a thorough tool testing process and we chose it from a large list. At first, we shortlisted taking into account usability factors and the ability to be embedded, then we took care of the price, we found Yellowfin to be a good balance. We also liked that the pricing model was simple and that they were straightforward to discuss everything, also at that time, not sure if still today, it was a plus that we could create everything from the web browser. Right now what I appreciate most is the feeling that we can trust the software and the people behind.