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What are Business Process Automation Tools?

The Business Process Automation Tools market is the natural evolution of the earlier Intelligent Business Process Management Suites (iBPMS) market, adding more capabilities for greater intelligence within business processes. The Business Process Automation Tools have enhanced their core offerings by acquiring or building adjacent capabilities such as low-code application development, process mining, task mining, document management, AI/ML and process analytics.

Vendors In Business Process Automation Tools Market

"The best and easiest tool for business modeling."

I model my processes easily with this application. By simply clicking and dropping objects I create my business models.

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"Appian is easy to use and has a great product vision"

Appian is an excellent platform, with a clear product vision and a roadmap that is on point with customer/partner priorities. Appian as a product is much more of an integrated development platform that other IBPM tools that I've been exposed to (especially IBM). Development is done mostly with drag & drop + configuration of properties, with only a small amount (~10-20%) of coding necessary. It is easy to see why Appian is a player in the low-code space as well, as it is fairly easy to bring tech-savvy "citizen developers" up to speed and get them to the point where they can be productive. In addition, Appian makes it easy to integrate with external applications or databases, deploy applications, and has put a lot of focus on changes that will allow easy integration with normal dev ops pipelines. It's not a silver bullet, but I find it easy to recommend in a large percentage of my engagements.

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"Automate Hitherto Redundant Tasks With IBM"

This IBM business tool helps our organization to automate redundant tasks thereby increasing our productivity. It helps us to automate any sort of tasks because of its unique features. It makes our work more scalable and achieved at maximum capacity. It works extremely fast

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"The bset ROI you will see in any software you implement"

This software has replaced so many paper based manual process and other legacy systems it is easily the most cost effective value added software that i have ever implemented in any company.

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"Good for business processes automation"

Platform is quite good for business processes automation. It's well-suited to build POCs and UI, good interface for backend development. However, you need to be careful about performance and certain limitations for UI and backend processing. Reporting is well designed, however, it's not BI tool, so, better not to use heavy reports. Product support is quite good, based on severity you can get almost immediate assistance, especially for production environments.

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"Pipefy: A Smart Experiencia"

My Relationship with Pipefy has been extremely fruitful, since by hiring a supplier, we expect it to meet our criteria and interests for purpose from its services. In our company, we had no pipefy-level tools that were able to centralize processos in a dynamic and pratical way as it has been happening. We have been using the tool for about one year and a half and the overall productivity of the team has increased and the main function that justifies this again area the automations that allow to optimize the time spent in some activity creating template and triggers that allow to scale the amount of demands made on the day. In the beginning, mapping all the team processes was a challenge when we requested the experimental meeting whit the tool, however, the clear and objective communication plus the security that the representatives went through all the time we asked for support facilitated the transition to the model thath Pipefy works allowing greater costumizations and making the process less bureaucratic and more attractive. In general, I believe thath today I would assign a note 9/10 thinking that as every tool there are improvements, but in the case of Pipefy is a differential the quick return they have when we suggest or aske the resolution of soma doubt, since they have a community of suggestions monitored by a team ready to interact and implement the improvements with the responsible areas of the suggestions. I am very much believe in the potential that the tool can bring and I look forward to the next updates.

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"Great overall experience, but needs small (?) improvements"

We have used Tibco Business Studio for Business Process Modelling, creating several workflows in BPMN standard that were exported to another application for runtime execution. Overall the experience is good, but the version used (at least) lacked cross-project integration and was heavy on the CPU.

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"iBPS BPM for enterprise"

Overall product caters our current and future need. They have helped us transformed our backend operation processes, lower TAT, high productivity and better customer reach.

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"implementaion is done, it's up to us, to use the product and be successful "

5 - POC - The only company which offered us a POC 5 - Support, is working fast and competent, never needed 2en level and never had long answer times 5 - Workshop and Education, we had a very high learn curve, so we learned a lot within a few days. 4 - First Setup, had some issues with basic module, which was solved very fast (within two houres)

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"After a year, we have expanded our services and user base across the company "

Very knowledgeable support staff and responsive to all support issues we have. Be it an architectural, programming or system related question/issue, they get back with recommendations, suggestions or system fixes.

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"Flexible, integrable with other internal tools, adaptable to the needs of each company"

Great experience the one we have had and we are having with AuraPortal, with both, vendor and partner (Eutik Solutions). This tool allows us to have all our processes automated, all our internal tools integrated (Jira, Slack, Navision), KPIs and reporting updated automatically in real time, and a complete control of our business. It is a really agile tool, as you are able to modify processes, tasks, reports, mailinings... in a moment.

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"Professional vendor which cares about good system utilization"

We have been using Genpact Cora (previously known as PNMSoft Sequence) since 2014 with good success to maintain Customer Feedback system along with assistive processes. Flexibility of the system to build easily forms with data from varying sources as well as controlling workflows based on rules has helped in simplify complex internal processes. Where Genpact Cora falls short is with documentation, training material and details to get programmers going. True strength lies in fast and effective support of Professional service and technical support which have really good SLA on issues. Usually either their first level support solves the issue or directs immediately the issue to knowledgeable person. For the most complex issues, an immediate support is given by the subject matter expert. We had one major upgrade done which used varying support parties which however did not go well in the beginning and took long to get to desired result. However, their higher level professional services came about and supported to the point of delivering great end result. From perspective of an international company with processes ongoing over the full 24 hours, it is really reassuring to have within minutes a support party to resolve issue on production environment while development even having support within day or two.

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"Impressive automation and process structuring"

Creatio is at the same time database and process tool. It has everything which modern company needs for automation. You can create user pages which fill dozens of tables behind, create tasks, send predefined emails, or emails from templates, send emails automatically, structuring your processes, fully. Business rules in the pages, or process elements features, provides you the possibility to control your data quality. The flexibility of this software is outstanding providing users the ability to create everything their company needs. There is still the space for improvement for running very large processes. Some smaller customer convenience features can be improved, as well. Creatio helped us to support our employees to do what is necessary to be done. Our staff now get structured tasks with all necessary explanations about task content and they don't have to manage their tasks lists, since Creatio does it for them. We decreased number of mistakes made by our operators and increased the data quality. Finally, we increased efficiency and effectiveness of our operations.

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"Business value"

Bonirasoft is a platform that care customer to produce their product easily than before and create fantastic business value for users.

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"Easy implementation "

Happy with solution and capability features. Integration seamless with process monitoring and automation capabilities complementary to use case requirement.

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"More features and functionality but overall great product to support our strategic plan."

The experience with Oracle has been very pleasant. Our implementation partner has done a very good job to steward any issues or concerns we had from day 1. It's been a long journey and is still ongoing but we have been satisfied with the responsiveness of Oracle. The product performance is good given our geographical location. The efficiencies gained and migrating the paper trail to a workflow is a huge step in the right direction of our organization and part of our 5-year strategic plan.

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"A leading platform that performs as advertised."

The sales and initial consultation process was low pressure and I felt BP Logix was interested in helping us solve business problems and not just sell us a product. Installation and initial configuration were straightforward and easy. BP Logix staff has been readily available and good to work with and the support team is responsive to questions. Since initial implementation BP Logix has continued to add advanced functionality to the product that we have implemented successfully.

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"One of the best BPMS in the world, first class international level. "

This is a highly recommended tool. Ideal for all development of BPM systems (BPMS): Modeling of complex business rules hot or cold, mmonitoring and control of processes in real time, online management of workloads, process modeler and simulator, complete set of reports for performance analysis, and many, many other usefull characteristics. A platform built with a very ease to manage, robust, reliable and scalable architecture, designed to support thousands of transactions, ideal for both the complete range, from small companies to large multinational corporations. It has excellent and varied integration tools that allow it to integrate with all types of applications, modern or legacy, web oriented, client - server, stand alone, which makes it almost an application orchestrator. In adition, supportes by an excellent commercial, engineering and project managementr team at an international level. The supplier/manufacturer relates more as a business partner than as a service provider. If we add to this years of experience and application of technologi in all economic sectors, we have an appropriate tool, togheter with a support and a first class process advisor.

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"Great Company to work with"

I have been working with Omprompt for several years now. We have collaborated on the lots of different projects to board three Company I support on to Omprompt's platforms. We have worked together in developing the systems we use today. I have always had a very good relationship with every member of staff I have worked with over the years. They have been professional, knowledgeable, reliable and flexible in all of our requests / projects over the years. I would recommend this company and their products to another businesses

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"Strong product development and support"

We started off working across multiple departments to support our deployment. Coordination was difficult and slow. After some high level discussions with senior leadership at Kofax, we quickly moved to a direct interaction model with their Product Management Team and our support and speed of deployment really took off.

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