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What is CAD Software?

Computer-Aided Design software is used by designers, engineers, architects, and drafters across several industries to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional models. These 2D and 3D models can be used to explore design ideas, visualize concepts and simulate the physical behavior of a design in the real world. The software provides in-built templates such as flowcharts, mind maps, wireframes, network diagrams, and org charts to create quality as well as detailed design models. The software also allows for instant changes to models enabling collaborative work between team members.

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"AutoCAD allows detailed technical drawings for our customers."

AutoCAD is critical for our company to create technical drawings and layouts. The built-in tools allow quick editing of projects that save time and money.

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"Best 3D software Specific for Surfacing"

One of the Greatest Software for 3D deaign preparation, Simulation, 2D drawing preparation. The software is specifically very good in Surfacing, Top Down and Bottom up 3D Assembly design preparation is best yhing about CATIA, which is not available in any other software

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"Great product, Amazing support service, Affordable price"

It's Amazing in terms of how easy to use and allows us showing the details of layouts for interior spaces and how easy to share the change in design with clients and get feedback in a beautiful way, On top of that, price is very affordable in comparison to what we produce on it, clients are happy and management is happy, win win situation. as well as great service offered by online support team.

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"Cost Effective 3D Design Software with Simulation"

I use CREO in automotive industry for Component deaign, Assembly design and few simulation study. Overall i found CREO very good in performance, ease of use, Good UI with easy identification of tools. All parametric settings can be customised easily. Drafting of assembly, part design is very easy and can be prepared quickly qith easy tool access, view arrangements as per forat angle or third angle.

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"The standard starter CAD product - expertise, support, documentation abound."

Standard bearer in market segment, product evolution over the years. Plenty of documentation or support.

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"It is sufficient to freely model the function in the design"

It has features that are equivalent to an excellent point, such as the ability to use a browser-based operating system on the AmazonFireHD tablet, rather than a cumbersome laptop, the ability to work with a lightweight, the browser-based tablet that runs constantly.

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"Great cad/cam software "

fusion 360 is a great piece of software. It is super easy to use and learn. It is very feature rich and has a great support community to answer any questions you might have.

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"Everything we needed for our students"

We use the product to introduce our students to the world of CAD. The product has a plethora of options and applicability to a variety of majors on our campus.

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"Excellent value for money"

I had to deploy this software. The licensing is straight forward and scalable. However the only thing is you have to renew every year.

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I used this software when i was in tata motors and i can say that solid edge is the one of the best designing software.genrally i use this for 2D And 3D modeling and also for the somulation of vehicle assembly process and i can say that for the simulation process it was awesome and overall experience is satisfactory.

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