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BMC Bladelogic Server Automation

Has many abilities but not fully leveraging due to product knowledge

Had issues with support and technical documentation

BMC Bladelogic Server Automation

A breadth of capabilties sometimes at the expense of functionality.

Overall I would say my rating is neutral. It has met most of our compliance requirements but has not seen the adoption throughout the enterprise that we initially envisioned.

BMC Client Management

Implementation is straight forward but contract negotiation is tedious

Difficult to negotiate the licensing arrangement with BMC

BMC Client Management

Implentation went extremely smooth and integration even more smoothly

We worked with an integrator that had previously assisted with a BMC Footprints implementation. Due to prior, positive experiences with the integrator we chose them again. BMC appications are solid and did exactly what we needed them to do. The integration of an asset inventory (hardware and software) into our ticketing/CMDB system was crucial to the success of our application support team.

BMC Client Management

BMC Patrol is a valuable monitoring tool for us.

The BMC Patrol software was relatively easy to install and the functionality is important for our day-to-day operations, the configuration, and set-up involved on the BMC console is somewhat tedious and time-consuming, though.

BMC Bladelogic Server Automation

Blade Logic tool does the job

Vendor support was very good.

BMC Client Management, Other...

Great Product/Poor Customer Service

Even though the tools offer significant features, dealing with their reps has been very difficult. It has been three months since engaged and we are still dealing with MSA! Very slow, poor customer focus.

BMC Client Management

Worked with a consultant to set up the system. Overall satisfied.

Good fit for a medium-sized company like ours. We were starting from stratch so we had to build some our processes along with setting up the system.

BMC Client Management

Getting used to system but lacks features

Good software but lacks some features for OS X. Little hard to learn without training directly from BMC.

BMC Client Management

It's a good tool but can be slow to start and not user friendly

Vendor's been good to work with. Immediate support instead of call backs would be nice.