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BMC Bladelogic Server Automation

Comprehensive Implementation Yields "Easier To Manage" Environment

BMC has a superb pre-sales team who has remained partnered with us well after our implementation. They also have a fantastic "Customer Connect" group that facilitates conversations with similar customers at various maturity levels to allow overall growth and sharing of ideas and best practices. Like all technology companies, their technical support will vary from call to call, however over the past 3 years, there has been a marked improvement in overall satisfaction with calls placed and solutions obtained. Some of BMC's products are quite complex, quite expensive, and require a substantial investment in infrastructure, so overly simple use cases can likely be achieved with less expensive products, however the value to a common product across a large organization is priceless.

BMC Client Management

implementation was easy since we have multiple experts in house to help with the process.


BMC Client Management

After significant research BMC a clear choice

Implementation of BMC for an ITSM and CM solution has been a lengthy process but very thorough and comprehensive and included valuable on-site training.

BMC Bladelogic Server Automation

reliable, excellent product and support

responsive support, stable, reliable product

BMC Bladelogic Server Automation

Server automation in K12 education.

The product itself is difficult to implement. But once implemented it does have amazing capabilities that far exceeded our expectations. As we mature in using the product we find that product adoption is the biggest roadblock to fully using this across the enterprise. That direction is starting to change as IT folks are beginning to embrace change rather than resisting change.

BMC Client Management, BMC Bladelogic Server Automation

Powerful product options, loads of capability, do not be intimidated.

Support is easy to get and quick to respond. The product lines have a lot of capabilities and capacity, it's easy to get overwhelmed at first, stick with it and reach out the BMC Communities often for assistance. There is lots of support and help out there. Planning is the key here for implementation. We also used their consulting services to assist with installation an ramping up on some of the more complex pieces. Our account managers were always ready to step in and help with any issues, ensuring communcation continued to flow properly. Do not underestimate the solutions, support for multiple operating systems make them a powerful soution for large hetergeneous environments.



Easy to install. Great Interface. Needs some improvement in templatizing workflows.

BMC was always there for us. They answered whatever questions we had.

BMC Client Management

saved us countless labor hours and a lot of money

Great support team and the product runs great with very little administration.

BMC Client Management

Very easy to manage

Love the help from tech support. overall versatile solution

BMC Client Management

Good product, good service. We would do it again at any time.

Everything is very good.