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ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech)

Largest Integration to date

Spent a lot of time integrating old records. Support depends on the technician you get. Wide level of differences.

ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech)

Good System but too dependent on use of tickets.

The system works well once you understand how to do things. It is very dependent on the creation of tickets even in the sales and marketing function. Tickets are great for customer support and managing projects but for simple task management, they are a pain. Whenever I bring this up to their account managers they simply spin how tickets are great time tracking and project management tools.

ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech)

Connectwise Labtech Automate is a great tool for power users

I opted to use connectwise automate (formerly labtech) to fill many roles here: RMM, ticket system, and remote access tool (integrated ScreenConnect). The RMM is great, very powerful. Requires some effort and know-how to get started. I'm disappointed with the built in the ticket system, it is obvious that connectwise is neglecting this feature to encourage the integration of other connectwise products. Their technicians, while otherwise knowledgeable, often don't know the answer when the question is related to the ticket system portion. Built in reporting is very weak, I can't even see how many tickets each of my techs solved last month. The one feature of the ticket system I really like is the ability to stall an issue until a specific date or when the customer responds. ScreenConnect is great, my techs like it better than GoToAssist which they were using previously. Works better in low-bandwidth situations.


A solid ticket and client management solution

ConnectWise does what we need it to, tracking incoming issue tickets as well as mapping out projects, keeping track of clients and notes, and offering notifications as well as scheduling. It could offer better analytics as well as more granular permissions. We have to use third-party tools for that.

ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech)

Implementation was straightforward however scripting and alert notification is challenging

Initial implementation was fairly straightforward. All employees received training from Connectwise. Setting up scripts for patching and appropriate levels of alerts in Labtech required hiring a consultant to provide required expertise and guidance.