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IBM Endpoint Manager, IBM BigFix

Reliable and easy to use... BigFix "just works".

Implementation was quick and painless and we have had no problems updating to new versions. BigFix has given us the visibility and control of our endpoints that we desparately needed. Endpoint Inventory (HW/SW) , Patch Management and Software Deployments are the primary features we use. BigFix has been super reliable and scalable for us. We have both grown and shrunk as a company over the last 7 years and BigFix has easily adapted to the changes in our infrastructure. When we have needed technical support, which has only been a few times over the last 7 years, the support has been awesome. It's plain and simple, BigFix just works and works well.

IBM BigFix

Very successful implementation - happy customer

Interaction with IBM was great. We performed an in-depth POC of BigFix to prove the value and the functionality of the tools. I haven't needed to open a support ticket, but I have emailed a few folks with technical questions and I received helpful responses in a timely manner.

IBM BigFix

The software is easy to use.

Deployment went smooth.


IBM BigFix

easy to implement, very flexible and powerfull

The product is working well

IBM BigFix

Succeed with IBM BigFix software deployment tool

IBM BigFix has been a life saver tool for us. We used to use Zenworks and we had all sorts of issues. Since we have switched over to BigFix, the difference in the two product are amazing. Anyone who is looking for a deployment tool, I would highly recommend this tool.

IBM BigFix

Does patch management and automation well

Overall, BigFix does everything the system it replaced does, plus adding a lot of automation capabilities. We are using this to patch both workstations and servers. The setup of the environment was easy and managing endpoints has been better than our previous patch management solution.

IBM BigFix

Patching Simplified

One report for all Security Patching for linux and windows systems

IBM Endpoint Manager

Implementation was easy but product lacks fully visible reporting functionality.

Canned reports don't provide visibility needed and customization offered doesn't easily allow ability to create reports.

IBM Endpoint Manager

Implementation was straight forward

Good experience

IBM Endpoint Manager

Seamlessly intergrated, robust endpoint management suite

vendor provided experise throughout the process. SW fully met our needs and requirements. integrated seamlessly to our existing management suite.