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IBM Endpoint Manager

Implementation was easy but product lacks fully visible reporting functionality.

Canned reports don't provide visibility needed and customization offered doesn't easily allow ability to create reports.

IBM Endpoint Manager

Implementation was straight forward

Good experience

IBM Endpoint Manager

Seamlessly intergrated, robust endpoint management suite

vendor provided experise throughout the process. SW fully met our needs and requirements. integrated seamlessly to our existing management suite.

IBM Endpoint Manager

Very robost but energy/power savings were tremendous

The power management capabilities are amazing.


Implementing an IBM appliance was easy but customization and operatianlization took time.

IBM was fully engaged before, during, and after our implementation of their product. We continue to have regular touchpoints with IBM product support.

IBM Endpoint Manager

IEM will continue to evolve in our Enterprise.

We are using IEM for clients and it has worked so well that we are looking to deploy it for Servers as well. The user community and forums are great resources. Solution requires training and should be deployed in a Pilot-to-Scale program.

IBM Endpoint Manager

Good automation tool for Windows. Advertises support for UNIX/Linux, but does not deliver.

Works well for managing Windows clients. Good tool for asset inventory, reporting. Doesn't do much for UNIX and Linux clients.

IBM Endpoint Manager

We have just started the implementation, and in the requirements study stage.

IBM has the local expertise to implement this product.

IBM Endpoint Manager

IBM EM has a lot of tools in it's toolbox, but not all of them. Use due diligence to look at the other strong players in this space

Product does not easily do all we want...we can "make" it do what we want with it's proprietary programming language

IBM Endpoint Manager

Popular effective tool.

Fairly satisfied, works as advertised.