Intel Security (McAfee)

4 out of 5 (6 Ratings)

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Easily manage multiple products delivered to 100k+ endpoints

Strong solution, easily manage multiple products delivered to 100k+ endpoints


McAfee 5.x implementation

Version upgrades are somewhat difficult to manage.


Sales needs to focus on customer needs and not try to sell more than asked.

Good Cooperation from vendors


Good product with integration with ePO. Their strategy of EOL few products caused issues.

The experience was good overall for the initial deployment. Over the years they have announced EOL on many products and that has caused our initial reasoning of having one vendor for all security products was forced to change.


Great range of capabilities, but refining for current use cases should be considered.

The deployment of the backend capabilities is relatively straight forward, but adoption from an endpoint perspective has been delayed due to unexplainable resource consumption.


McAfee end-user tools.

Very good to meet business needs.