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Ivanti Endpoint Manager, powered by LANDESK

Tool is great but at times can be time consuming to troubleshoot

Overall the process was fairly straight forward. Landesk does have great resources for assistance.

Ivanti Endpoint Manager, powered by LANDESK

Easy to manage and create distribution packages and OS provisioning

When I joined the company, this platform was already implemented - so I had to get myself up to speed with the platform. Every day I get exposed to a new feature of the system. I love the software deployment and remote access. I can deploy and manage software easily which make life easier when it comes to deploying application/programs over 200+ computers. Likewise, I use Operating System provisioning every day to image computer, which is awesome. I still have some difficulty with some feature, specifically with the driver, yet the Ivanti community provides good info to resolve the issue.

Ivanti Endpoint Manager, powered by LANDESK

Implementation was easy, however we need time to understand all the functionalities

The application is quite strong and fulfilled our expectations

Ivanti Endpoint Manager, powered by LANDESK

Reliable and useful, but require training to have a customization for your company.

Excellent user community, I normally use this space to check any issue os question first. documentation is very useful The product is very stable and reliable but require some training curve. We are using LANDesk since 6 years ago and is a strong solution. I went to an onsite training with them in Salt Lake, Utah, is strongly recommended for new deployments to have an overall idea what is the scope of the product.

Ivanti Endpoint Manager, powered by LANDESK, Other...

Technical requirements need someone with Sr. level to comprehend the configuration.

The product turned out much moe complicated in the implementation. We had many calls to support and still had not fully stood up the environment. The technical requirements are a security concern due to the fact that ports (UDP/TCP), and services are needs to be opened bi-directional, which created a nightmare for the security and FW team.

Ivanti Endpoint Manager, powered by LANDESK

upgrading to 2016 tonight

Account managers are very engaged

Ivanti Endpoint Manager, powered by LANDESK

LANDesk Management Suite

Vendor was very accessible, provided ample training and hands on implementation.

Ivanti Endpoint Manager, powered by LANDESK

Implementation was smooth

High level of Vendor availability and knowledge

Ivanti Endpoint Manager, powered by LANDESK

Tools and functionality provides flexibility and a wealth of knowledge on your PC clients

The product has a great deal of functionality which we fully leveraged...especially Software Distribution, Help Desk Tools, Tools and the Package Information. The Inventory and it's subset of tools were valuable in getting information about client PCs, from their hardware specs to what software was on each device and their versions. This enabled us to better keep the enviroment up to date and on the same software levels. Bottom line, we use LANDesk for inventory collection, software distribution, remote control, and patching across the entire company.

Ivanti Endpoint Manager, powered by LANDESK

Implementation was easy and easy to maintain for Windows machines

A little rough at first with such a big change but things smoothed out. LanDesk was always there if assistance was needed