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Quick implementation and instant return on investment

The implementation of Satellite (5) was pretty straight forward, but real product and vision from Red Hat took place at the launch and evolution of version 6. Great tool to manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux assets and we are looking to use it further as the product matures in automation, application deployment and delegation.


Mature and still growing

Red Hat is a mature product with so much growth ahead of it. As workloads increase on RHEL we will need tools to survey and manage the infrastructure. Very happy with the product since it adds precision to our roles managing the environment.


RedHat offers comprehensive support by requiring the use of Satellite

Working with RedHat, we were able to implement and get Satellite working. There are still features that are missing, but we hope to get those features in the 6.x upgrade in 2017.


Still lacking some interface capabilities, but overall easy to use and comprehensive.

Didn't participate in the installation. Post rollout functionality testing went well.


Great fit for "Mode 1" Traditional IT - Needs improvement for "Mode 2" immutable designs

We had a dedicated engineer to develop an automated cloud solution for RPM package management and delivery. This was a multi month engagement which was much longer then expected. There were challenges with the execution and the alignment to our requirements. These challenges turned into many conversations to attempt to adjust our design around the product vs the inverse. The immutable nature of the cloud environment we were deploying this product to was not a good fit for, what we seen as, a "mode 1" type product. We are in the process of looking for a better solution.


Red Hat Cloud Forms implementation on prem and AWS connector

Cloud Forms adequately fit our SOW /POC needs. We were a little surprised on the amount of customization required to get the product up and running. It is not a buy and use scenario - more of a build a run. You will need programming skills (Ruby) to stand up and maintain this solution. At this point we are pleased with the end result and do feel the additional investment in resources is worth the effort. While discussing needs on prem - we already had Satellite up and running as it was a vital part of our implementation.


If you're managing Red Hat systems, you need Red Hat Satellite.

Working with Red Hat has been an overall good experience. They were responsive and helpful during the product selection and evaluation phase, and their support has continued to be effective. Their licensing model isn't always the simplest to understand, but once you grasp it, it isn't bad. Implementation of version 5.5 was fairly straight-forward, but did involve a learning curve. The transition to version 6 has been a bit more rocky, but with the new Puppet backend, the effort will be worth it.


Implementation and management is fantastic, but you need to be using open technologies.

Initial integration was difficult, but we have stuck with the upgrade process over time. Red Hat is developing an incredible solution with Satellite 6, it is just taking time.


The update tool for the latest version doesn't work very well

The product support is very good.


Early implementation was very challenging, recent updates are an improvement

Satellite 6 previous to version 6.2x was relatively beta quality. There were several issues. The core function of providing patches and licensing to our environment was generally functional, but difficult to implement and required multiple re-deployments. As of 6.2x, it is beginning to be stable and generally useful, although with several quirks.