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Symantec Client Management Suite

Boom goes the dynamite

Symantec has clearly lost its way. They continue to let their core client management aquistions slip away in the abyss of misery. The customer engagement team and account executives must realize they are selling garbage and have thus completely given up on engaging with us. Columbia aquired the suite of Symantec tools throughout the years, hoping to find a synergy through integrations. However, since all Symantec does is buy a product and slap its logo on it and abandon development - none of the products actually talk to each other. We have the client management tools, antivirus, encryption, and none of them integrate, at all. Pathetic.

Symantec Client Management Suite

Implementation was easy

It was easy to Deploy and Manage

Symantec Client Management Suite

Lots of hidden power in this software waiting to be discovered.

Symantec Management Suite is a product that few people seem to have a deep understanding of. It can do a so much but requires a lot of customization. It is not an out of the box solution for businesses the size of ours. But after the work, the level of integration we were able to achieve is far beyond what any other solution that is "out of a box" can give you.

Symantec Client Management Suite, Symantec Endpoint Manager

Altiris is best of breeds

The sales engineers was very helpful during the POC process

Symantec Endpoint Manager

Easy to implement, but needs careful handling on clients' end.

This is among the best antivirus management console I've used all these while. The dashboard is excellent whereby I can get a glimpse of risks reports happened in my organization. Browsing through console was a breeze. Almost all functionalities can be learned quickly.

Symantec Client Management Suite

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Symantec Altiris 7.6

Worked with Symantec many times and have a GREAT helpdesk to call

Symantec Client Management Suite

Implementation required external resources, but was manageable.

CMS has met our needs as a systems management tool. It allows us to keep uniformity across servers at multiple sites and to inventory software, apply patches, perform deployments.

Symantec Client Management Suite

Powerful tool but requires knowledge and understanding to have a successful experience.

Support at times has been problematic. Time to resolution for cases can take some time due to complexity of the product and limited experts within Symantec.

Symantec Client Management Suite

This Product is Easy to Use with Quick Deployment.

Deployment was quick with minimal issues.

Symantec Endpoint Manager

Symantec Endpoint Manager - Met business and IA needs