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What are Cloud, Extended Planning and Analysis Solutions?

xP&A is the evolution of planning, combining financial and operational planning on a single composable platform. It “extends” traditional FP&A solutions focused solely on finance into other enterprise planning domains such as workforce, sales, operations and marketing. These early maturity market solutions offer reference architectures, proprietary data models, configurable applications and other capabilities enabling the integration and alignment of financial and operational plans. xP&A seeks to provide better informed and timely decision making to meet tactical and strategic objectives.

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"With SAP is more tan easy"

SAP has been of great help, because it has helped us to make the budgeting process much easier, combined whith a very friendly environment and a excellent suport team

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"The power of Connected Planning realized with Anaplan"

We used Anaplan in Financial Planning, Workforce Planning and Supply Planning. the objective was to set up a connected planning environment with one platform. Anaplan had been the best choice in establishing the same. We could successfully eliminate applications which were working on different functionalities (such as master data management, transactional data storage, business logic transformation, reporting etc) and bring in the complete planning process in Anaplan. the Anaplan models were connected internally as well as externally with other upstream and downstream applications. The successful transformation of such planning processes resulted in huge savings in OPEX for the company. Anaplan also allowed to eliminate many manual touchpoints and duplication of manual efforts. The executive reporting were faster and almost real time that helped in better decision making. Data HUBs were developed to standardize master data definitions and establish governance in master data management across organization. Driver based planning were implemented with different KPIs. in overall, the power of connected planning was realized at organization level

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"Board - Excellent Planning and Reporting tool"

Board is truly easy to use, excellent for sharing data with all users. This years budget process was essentially a roll forward from FY21 and the draft budget process took 1 day (historically this would have taken at least 2-3 weeks with excel files etc.)

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"The best choice!"

Our overall experience with the specific product is a very positive one. Even thought we were reluctant to use cloud services, Oracle managed to change our perception! The

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