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ADP Transition.

Java challenges; good adoption with employees.

Workforce Now

Over promised and underdelivered

They did not come close to delivering what they promised. When their website was slow they blamed it on our organization. Things we were told were included would have been addons after we bought.

Workforce Now

Easy conversion, Great Customer Support

Very easy implimentation, good customer relations

Workforce Now

Comprehensive, full featured product but user experience is not great

Comprehensive product but user experience is not great

Workforce Now

A solid software solution. And, it's always improving.

Having a remote location has been troublesome from time to time with our internet connection. Once upgraded, a much better experience. ADP continues to improve its software and usability. Customer service is readily accessible.

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Our organization moves to 21st century interface for employee management

Professional and knowledgeable

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Do not use ADP!!!!! - Very BAD Service.

Many bad experiences with ADP, many issues with system one module does not talk to another. Customer support very slow, on phone for hours at a time to resolve simple issue with modules. Customer support has to pass you around to module support technical support, long hold times, do not talk to same person, services outsourced and major disconnect with departments and resolving system issues. It took ADP over 5 1/2 months to correct benefit module to talk with payroll module. Had to manually enter employee benefits on the payroll side. Very bad service.

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Workforce time and attendance.

Great system and functionality.

Workforce Now

It would be great to have other features included in the basic package.

Logging in and signing up for online courses. Accessing links.

ADP GlobalView, Workforce Now

Easy implementation, but not without risk.

Solid service and responsive, lacking a bit on implemenation support to go live.