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Kronos Workforce Central, UltiPro

Kronos is great

Very user friendly system; however, the Advanced Scheduling was difficult for our users to grasp

Kronos Workforce Central

Kronos Workforce Centeral Version 8.X - good functionality but poor quality control

Product design and functionalty was on par with our needs and expectations. Delay of over 1 year due to software bugs, performance issues, and the realization that the product was not ready without 5-10 service packs isntalled

Kronos Workforce Central

More up front discussion and planning for implementation.

Strong commumication relationship amongst current analysts.

Kronos Workforce Ready

Double the time to implement that the salesman tells you.

Implementation team rotated often creating frustration on the team.

Kronos Workforce Central

Implementation was good but needed alot of work on the vendor side

We had some issues with the deployment team. Alot of staff changes on that side lead to some deployment delays.

Kronos Workforce Central

Implementation was successful but several areas could have been better managed/discovered

depth of knowledge of each level was a bit challenging at times, testing timelines were not adequate, project was delivered on time and under budget

Kronos Workforce Central

Good product. Average professional services.

Great product. Average professional services.

Kronos Workforce Central

Great Technology Business Partner

Great Vendor to work with. Very supportive to our requests after the sales cycle.

Kronos Workforce Central

Kronos implementation successful. User experience is complex and bulky.

Kronos tends to work reliabily and not much interaction with vendor. No major upgrades or changes in last few years.

Kronos Workforce Central


Working and operating Kronos environment through a third party. Relationship with Kronos is mostly licensing but also product roadmap planning