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Meta4 PeopleNet

Meta4 think in users

We are very successful with the provider, we have a very good relation. It's a very sure solution, they have all Legal improvements update. Always we have the best service with them. Always think that de client is important and they work for us in order to do things very easy.

Meta4 PeopleNet

Rapid and effective implementation

Good and formal professionals. You need almost 3 months for the implementation.

Meta4 PeopleNet

The implementation has been complicated and also just finish the first year

GOOD - working as a team is the best our relationship BAD - the subproject's timings sometimes are stretch and the frequent changes in teams

Meta4 PeopleNet

A good experience with the vendor

A very good experience with the project team assigned to us.

Meta4 PeopleNet

Great implementation support, experienced team

Very reliable partner, good implementation team with flexibilty.

Meta4 PeopleNet

In last 5 years we have worked to improve the process, the relationship etc.

Generally speaking everything is fine. I think in last 5 years we made a lot of improvements.Of course there are human errros.

Meta4 PeopleNet, Other...

Implementation requires time and accurate assessment but once it starts it works well

Good experience from a technology and support level. In general terms the experience is satisfied.

Meta4 PeopleNet

Excellent customer focus, in a product that is improving year by year

Relationship with the vendor is good, they always try to go further with our needs

Meta4 PeopleNet

Good, Solid Provider of SaaS based HR services.

Overall, a good experience. Meta4 worked with us to develop specific modules for our organization including leave and recruiting functions. Meta4 also made great strides in increasing the security around their data centers and systems gaining numerous certifications and passing numerous audits. Meta4 really turned it around from a security perspective. The core of the product is still outdated with an upgrade plan on the table. Meta4 is a very conservative organization. Change is not a good thing for them. Their core competency is relability and consistency. If you need innovation, creativity and "out of the box" thinking, they are not the company.

Meta4 PeopleNet

Implementation was well support, but after that, you must manage almost alone.

In general, Meta4 Peoplenet is a good technology for managing your main HR Process, but the concept of SAAS is quite restrictive because you can't adapt it to your own needs and peculiarities.