3.6 out of 5 (67 Ratings)

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Oracle HCM Cloud

Good replacement for legacy Oracle ERP HR

Product is maturing. Response from vendor was good for making most fixes to code needed to go live. Overall technical support is above average. Top layers of product are web friendly and easy to use. Underlying layers can be more comlex and seem to draw on PeopleSoft legacy. Previews of v12 and v13 look promising of more usability and functionality. This makes sense as a replacement for legacy Oracle ERP products such as JDE, PeopleSoft, etc. But from a fresh install with no legacy WorkDay is easier to use. Pricing for the Oracle HCM was much more competitive than WorkDay, though.

Oracle PeopleSoft

Wish we had revisited business process

Process with a little bumpy. Communication issues between internal and external teams.

Oracle PeopleSoft

Implementation Do Over

Not around for the implemenation

Oracle HCM Cloud

Implementation went well but so much more of us to consider and implement

I don't think we had strong Oracle representing in the room through out the design. Some of the Oracle advice received has led has down the wrong path in some areas.

Oracle HCM Cloud

Still figuring out how to optimize the system almost 2 years later....

We are on the smaller side of their client base and used a "silver" level implementation partner. We need to yell really loudly to be heard.

Oracle PeopleSoft

Good...but Limited

While the application met our expectations it did not lend itself as well as we had hoped to our specific industry needs. The Core HR product was limited in extended functionality and, because we had no internal resources, we found expansion to be difficult.

Oracle HCM Cloud, Oracle PeopleSoft

Very Easy and intuitive tool to use, good support center by Oracle.

Overall Experience with Oracle product was good.

Oracle PeopleSoft

Implementation was easy

We are very happy with it. User experience can be better that 9.2

Oracle HCM Cloud

Implementation was bumpy, but we persevered to get to the digital outcome we set out for.

The platform is expanding rapidly and allows us to leverage new functionality.

Oracle PeopleSoft

Easy implementation, great feedback

Overall happy with the experience