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Paycom Payroll and HR Management

Not what they said it was...bait and switch

Over promised under delivered. Told all sorts of cool functionality was included during the sales pitch only to find out it is all pay to play. The actual program is not nearly what they say it is during thje sales part of the process. Ex integration with ADP- told it was easy and it was not. The list of disapointments goes on

Paycom Payroll and HR Management

Took longer than expected and not 100% up

We deployed timekeeping for our international offices. Paycom said it was not an issue but after a month live, we discovered vacation and sick time have to be manually adjusted and did not do this automatically. Their suggestions is that we manually perform this and an API to accomplish this automationally was not available. Their API is very basic bordering on unsatisfactory. The web UI need work (but was better than competition). The online video training is ... could be better. It tries to be complete so it takes longer than necessary to learn what you want to accomplish. After 4 months since purchase, I feel the system still is not setup up correctly.

Paycom Payroll and HR Management

One stop shop for all of our HR needs!

Paycom has been great to work with. I like that we have one vendor and one solution for all of our HR needs. Our employees have a one stop shop - no need to go between multiple platforms for payroll, benefits, training, performance reveiws, etc. Our employees only need to learn one platform and I only have to work with one vendor to make sure it is the best experience for our employees and the best benefit to our company.

Paycom Payroll and HR Management

enjoy using this product.

the time and demand system works great for hour hourly employees.

Paycom Payroll and HR Management

Walked into it, but would not have chosen it myself

Very unfriendly. Requires more than one login for managers / admins. Has poor reporting tools and structure. Not intuitive... Poor customer service. Have had 4 CS reps in last 4 months.