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SAP SuccessFactors

Implementation was very complex - A lot promised but under delivered

A lot of promises were made about the capabilities of the product which are realized as not doable or complex at a later time.


SAP- HCM- a very tedious solution to a very important area.

The solution is clunky, not user friendly at all. Customizations are difficult to make and maintain. The user experience is very tedious and it is a deterrent to following processes that are necessary for HR activities.


Slow benevolent behemoth eventually gets it done

Best in class but relatively slow to offer country specific solutions and cover legal requirements

SAP ERP HCM, Other...

Robust functionality but local HCM requirements take time to address

Funtionality is robust, though user experience is lacking. We had to de-scope some functionality initially in order to implement within timelines. The HCM project was incorporated into the overall SAP implmentation timeline.

SAP ERP HCM, Other...

Global implementation worked well!!

Our single instance, global implementation of SAP HCM was very smooth. Some core HCM processes were harmonized as part of this, but the nature of the HR function is pretty standard globally already. The platform provided us with a great opportunity to standardize many data elements and org structures, including position control, etc. The biggest challenge was, without a doubt, the people change management within our HR community. With 14,000 employees spread over 30 countries and four continents, things could get complicated. Everyone likes to think they are unique, when, in reality, there are many more similarities than differences. The biggest technical challenge was integrating SuccessFactors with SAP HCM ERP. Though SAP bought SuccessFactors, that does not mean that integration is out of the box; often, it seemed like we were the SAP development lab for their own internal integration efforts.