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Payroll implementations are never easy but their approach makes it manageable

We are launching the various modules over 4 different phases. This was done because we are moving from a heavily manual process to a fully integrated automated solution. The implementation teams have been great to work with. They have a proven implemntation approach that really works.


Good product, just needs further enhancement

Implementation and customizations were slower and more cumbersome than we expected. Customizations are costly, would like to see more out of the box features.


Supported well through implementation, on-going support is not as good.

Implementation was smooth. The implementation team was good, attentive to our needs and walked us through the proces of getting things setup and running. The transition to support the support team was rough and we have been through several changes of personnel on the suppor end. The responsiveness to questions and requests is not meeting our expectations.


Tried and True Processes Takes the Stress Out of Implementation

Implementation is always a stressful endeavor. Ultimate Software has realistic timelines and processes that help lessen the stress points. We implemented five modules at one time, which was a huge undertaking, but because Ultimate Software has a tried and true system for implementation, we encountered very few surprises or setbacks. The system is robust and intuitive. The resources available for training and if we encounter issues are excellent and timely. I appreciate the fact that we have control over our system and processes we choose to put in place, while still being able to rely on the expertise of our Ultipro partners when we can't figure out and issue. I love the Ultipro system and am looking forward to leveraging the system, even more, going forward.


Implemented for need; staying for growth.

Ultimate has a commitment to the workforce with aligns with our overall organizational philosophy. While still increasing the capability and depth of its offerings, Ultimate has shown ambition to create a full suite of services designed to supporting the workforce goals of organizations. They have also shown that they are willing to listen and implement customer suggestions; refining existing products and introducing new products all the time. I find the experience to be customer focused and democratic in that regard.


Customers First, Employee First, People First

Ultimate Software puts people first, not just their own employees but the employees of their customers. People includes the employer to ensure compliant products that ease the day to day operations by leveraging automation.


Implementation had some challenges, but once we went live it was a success.

We were quite ambitious with our schedule. Once we were underway with the implementation, I found that our Ultimate project team was very knowledgeable, helpful, and kept us on track. There were challenges along the way in mapping the information to Deltek and had to engage a consultant from our other vendor (Deltek). During our selection process to determine which HRIS we wanted, we were under the impression that Ultimate had resources that were knowledgeable about conversions with Deltek Vision - we did not find this to be the case. Aside from the mapping with Deltek, the individuals engaged in our implementation helped us launch it on schedule.


Dedicated Support based on Functional Areas

Working with Ultimate Software has been a great experience. We've been able to connect with multiple support areas to focus on specific functions within the software. Having dedicated resources for each of the functional areas is a huge help when looking to roll out new processes and/or enhance the user experience.


Ultimate has a strong vision for customers

Great Product and Service

UltiPro, Other...

Perfect fit - Functionality, Customer Service and Culture

The vendor is completely committed to my success and the success of our company. Great functionality and flexibility. Great reporting capabilities.