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We're thankful for the multiple perspectives and points of analysis we now have.

Mavenlink has fostered a fantastic relationship with our team. They make it feel as if they really are just down the hall when we have comments or questions. The platform is very intuitive and gave us the "30,000 ft view" that we were really after. We now have a much better grasp on what our team capacities are at any given time and our creatives understand clearly what their priorities should be each day. We have many, many projects open at any given time, and Mavenlink helps us cut through all of the clutter.


Mavenlink attempts to do it all; it excels as an internal tool. Impressive new features.

I have been pleased with the rollout of Mavenlink. They have made significant changes to the product since we initially rolled it out, and many of their changes are very successful. As a support tool for our clients, it is less successful. Tools like Basecamp have far superior client-facing interfaces, and Mavelink is very confusing to clients. As a service provider, we want to make it easy for our clients to do business with us, and using it as the primary digital interface to our clients does not achieve that. That said, it is an excellent timesheet system and project budget tracking tool.


Solid Foundation, Needs to Be Modernized.

No native application for mobile devices and limited reporting. Solid integration capabilities but everything has to be homegrown instead of having something out of the box. Managing expenses and receipts is a nightmare without integrating (and paying for) a 3rd party like Expensify.


Progressive vendor, worth taking a chance on.

Mavenlink has worked very hard to support our needs and work with our business to test and use their solution, adding specific modules as we are ready to do so. They have a progressive solutions which offer a lot of functionality. They have impressed me with their willingness to allow trials of their solution.