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Deployment successful but built on several unstable versions

SCIFORMA replaced all our internal project management tools succesfully However some interfaces of the tool have been removed because unstable.


Sciforma is a product easy to use, which needs some basics in governance to succeed

PRODUCT: Easy to use and to customise Excellent Portfolio Management Interest with work packages INTEGRATION: Local company very useful


Cloud solutions for project management, absolutely. Sciforma, absolutely not. Avoid.

The product is a refactoring of an older client server implementation. The migration failed and although the vendo promises the next version fixes all the problems, once you are on the cloud, the migration cost to PlanView or Clarizen is EXACTLY the same cost has handling the upgrade. The UI has a very heavy client based on rigid Java and Perimeter Security configurations. The reason that upgrade cost is so high is that the heavy integratton layer and client UI, as well as the need to report your own data to the new vesion creates a high cost. In essense, this is not really cloud. They are hosting a solution for you in their data center. We are putting to tender the choice of a new tool. HOWEVER, I would absolutely repeat a cloud approach for portfolio and project management. Product support is via a vey small expert development team. The expertise is limited to 5 or 6 technical presales staff. Feels like the same startup I remember from 8 years ago, but this time on the way down.