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ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management, Other...

Implementation and adoption was successful and adaptability to other areas of the business

Successful program delivery

ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management

Configurable and Can Scale to Need

The implementation went very and the software is providing a great deal more insight than the prior tool set.

ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio provides consistent, repeatable and transparent processes to the team.

We waited a couple years for the Project Portfolio application to mature and are very happy with the depth of the Project Portfolio's integration with financials and the improved resource allocation functions. So now, instead of having several project managers using their own disparate methods, we now have a cohesive PM structure that uses the same methods across the organization.

ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management

Use is so-so, not overly impressed

It provides basic functionality but not overly impressed

ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management

What you See is not Always What you Get.

The vendor has been responsive and has provided input as requested. Some initial details were overlooked but were straightened out over time.

ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management

Deployed just in time to hit the ground running in Prod

3rd party service provider was primary project delivery vendor. Very attentive to needs and flexible during project. We adjuisted timeline a few times and they were able to accomodate. Mainly customized forms and UI experience. No deep integrations on this module. Was able to immediately put to use in Prod to start tracking test cases and issues.

ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management

Use it everyday, very good, solid tool

Hard to understand at first but once you learn it, there are many helpful uses for it

ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management

Implementation was overly complex and additional promised features are still missing...

Project portfolio management enhancements have lagged behind other areas. Project management is an established discipline; however, ServiceNow's approach was to fit it into their existing framework, without consideration for the bigger picture. Inconsistent screen layouts and menu choices (e.g., one must know to right-click to find the Save option on some screens, where it is displayed in full view on other screens), as well as multiple clicks required to drill down to update minor items and complex table and out-of-the-box report structures require substantial technical expertise and have presented additional adoption challenges.

ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management

Centralized Solution for various IT related service needs

My organization chose ServiceNow to replace Remedy and the application was initially used primarily for its service desk components. We had several disparate systems that teams were using for project portfolios, time tracking, change control, and demand management. This caused in-efficiencies and confusion at times with data reporting and business processes. By implementing the additional ServiceNow plugins for these areas the business allowed for a centralized single source of truth that could be utilized across the organization.

ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management

The majority of PPM is provided by out of the box, however the migration was not easy

There has been great imporvement on the ServiceNow PPM on Helsinki compared to it's earlier version, however the transition from a Mircrosoft House to ServiceNow is not straight forward. ServiceNow provide an end to end platform for managing the Service Management and Business Management and there are key architectural decisions need to be made in order to get the right trade off balance. We are very much pleased with the fact that we can create projects from Incidents and defects and the ability to transit smoothly from the project world to the operational world. The financial management in SeviceNow is very strong and it does provide deep visibility on the cost management.