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Visual Management Platform


Very nice to use

Visual Management Platform

Great implementation tool and easy to use

Target process had helped a lot in establishing visibility throughout the company. Everyone is on the same page what development is going on at any particular time and what is going to be released. Everybody can keep a track of releases and future enhancements and prioritize them. The statistics tool are nice along with time management.

Visual Management Platform

Implementation Update

Till date, my overall experience with Targetprocess has been positive.


Visual Management Platform

Simple implementation and fanatical customer service at a great price point.

Targetprocess is exceptionally easy to learn, especially going from a traditional white board with sticky notes. The new UI is sleek and offers more personalized flexibility to all users. The tool keeps all documentation, notes, time, in an easy to find space for developers, BAs, Scrum Masters and managers. Targetprocess has allowed us to move away from a physical board that had to be kept in one location or rolled out of conference rooms, to an online presence which is accessible from any enterprise device. Would love to see traditional waterfall methodology functionality to the platform for a complete, one-stop shop. Targetprocess customer service is the best we have experienced from any vendor.