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Satisfied customer

I am satisfied with Workfront. I use it on a daily basis, and overall find it beneficial to my job tasks. I would recommend it to others.


Fast, Easy Implementation that did exactly what we wanted.

Very thorough training. Hand on training. Did their research to see how we did business and how their product could help us and then implemented it.


Great software tool

Training for Admins went very well. Training for end users could be enhanced, but you do need to pay for that.


Implementation was smooth with minimal kick-back

Overall it was a fairly smooth process. End Users picked up on it fairly quickly and welcomed the change.


Great Product Easy to Use

Workfront is great to work with and quick to respond to any issues you may have. They also send out alerts and notices if there are any issues with the system.


This would have been a godsend at the ad agency I started at thirty years ago!

Our marketing services staff was constantly overwhelmed with our internal customers who had not fully thought out their requests. This software allow us to not only track our projects, but also to easily provide proofs to customers to speed the process.


Software gives management the tools they need to prioritize and get their team working

Software gives management the tools, they need to prioritize and get their team working on the tasks that matter most, making the most significant impact on your business.

Workfront, Other...

Extensive Improvments Needed for ProofHQ and Workfront Integration

We implemented Workfront in Marketing for an MRM solution but also for the soft proofing capability. Workfront had acquired ProofHQ and integrated it with their software. We have constantly had issues with the application due to changes to either solution that we believe are caused by that integration. Our processes have been stunted and we have lost a lot of efficiencies, it is causing users to abandon the tool.


Nice cloud based solution, just make sure you have some idea of your processes

Vendor worked hard to understand our internal processes to configure the tool to meet those process needs. The tool accommodates the implementation of most standard project and portfolio management processes, however, an organization that does not have mature processes may want to do some internal evaluation before tool implementation. The tool will not fix bad processes, it will magnify existing process issues and will help you identify gaps. Management and user buy-in is necessary for a successful implementation. Vendor's support services are good, experienced, and offer insight into implementation and troubleshooting.


Great people providing exellent support fo a nice product that needs improvement

The vendor is very professional and helpful from deployment to user training to support. The product has some very nice features for organizations similar to our size, but there's room to improve especially in system performance,