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Rollout and adoption was slow and steady

pretty good


Solid PPM

Solid product. Reporint needs to mature. Struggled with having ITSM in separate product.


Design of app is good, implementation and performance needs work

Their engement in advance of implementation, within the sales cycle, was impressive. After that, they were slightly less available but did help resolve our issues personally.



With Wrike, You Can Never Go Wrong

Vendor availability and involvement was positive. I am generally impressed with the level of support Wrike provided.


Easy implementation, but migration of current data needs some work.

The tool has many features available to us, especially for normalizing processes, and collaboration. However level of adoption has been slow to grow due to non-compulsory adoption approach. The final approach of high level visibility and decision making hasn't been achieved yet.


Solid Project Management Utility that just works.

We had tried two previous project management softwares before settling on Wrike. They seem to have the right mix of features and capabilities all built within a fast and intuitive interface.


Wrike - Simple, Fast Project Mgmt.

A very intuitive and easy to adopt user interface. Creating and sharing project requirements was very straight forward and the product was providing value in under an hour. There are many things left to explore with this tool and we have not even begun to integrate it with other apps using the Zapier.


Provide a new way to look at projects and task, with a friendly user interface.

A great experience, provide information and reports to keep track of the projects.