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Zoho Projects

Zoho - a capable and flexible modular SaaS

Product is mature, flexible and works for-the-most-part as expected; access to technical support at times may take longer than hoped and may take some additional time to identify the root cause towards resolution.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects and Reports

Easy rollout, cost effective solution. Projects and Reports were easy to learn and train to other employees. Zoho has a product line that packs a punch when compared to the their competitors that cost upwards of 5 times as much.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Project: very user-friendly. The trick is getting the team away from using emails.

Zoho was easy to implement, low cost, allowed you to get started establishing projects immediately. The product offered an interface for importing MS Project plans that we found had to be very carefully defined before importing. We eventually deleted the imported plan and entered the milestones and tasks manually. Users were easily setup and zoho sent out an invitation for each user to log in. The project owner originally set up the project and this could not be transferred. Another level can be setup for creating, deleting and changing tasks and milestones. The chat was a very good feature and users could attach any type of file. We hoped it would be a central location for running a major project but found the users continued to use email.