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What are Cloud Workload Protection Platforms?

CWPPs are workload-centric security products that protect server workloads in hybrid, multicloud data center environments (see Note 1). CWPPs provide consistent visibility and control for physical machines, virtual machines (VMs), containers and serverless workloads, regardless of location. CWPP offerings protect workloads using a combination of system integrity protection, application control, behavioral monitoring, intrusion prevention and optional anti-malware protection at runtime. CWPP offerings should also include scanning for workload risk proactively in the development pipeline.

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"Trend Micro Deep Security is really comfortable"

I have been using it for many years to support the different activities that I carry out on the web, I always obtain great security and prevention of threats that hinder the procedures that I normally do, my experience has generally been very good, I am happy to have a very high quality software and implement it in my work area, and I hope to continue like this for a long time to optimize the efficiency and security of my business in the cloud.

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"One of the best security products ever made"

The overall experience with App control has been great. We love the product. We have deployed it in high enforcement everywhere. The high enforcement everywhere is the best configuration to get your money's worth. Especially if you are a majority Windows shop.

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"A smarter approach to cloud workload security"

Illumio Core has provided Zero Trust segmentation to us that proved incredibly helpful to us in avoiding successful hacks and ransomware from becoming cyber disasters. Attackers and ransomware are now unable to migrate laterally across apps, clouds, microservices, data houses, and endpoints thanks to Illumio. Illumio has automated our security compliance from traditional platforms to the cloud, allowing our big corporation to thrive faster. From a single management panel, the Illumio cloud Security Platform has greatly aided us in averting cyber assaults, boosting risk knowledge, and simplifying security operations for apps in data center and cloud settings.

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"Strong Protection from Vulnerabilities and malware"

Cloud One workload security is a well curated and well developed product, I feel that Workload Security covers all the major ways a breach can happen in our servers. The various modules in Workload Security help me ensure my servers are protected from threats. Virtual Patching via the IPS module is really good and protects our servers from Zero Day vulnerabilities.

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"Prisma Cloud - Secure Containers"

Started owning/managing Prisma Cloud when I first started at my new company. There was a huge learning curve for me but their overall onboarding working sessions were great.

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"Sophos Central Pros.& Cons."

we worked with sophos products for more than 6 years.first we used endpoint protection with on-premise enterprise console ,Then after migrated to Sophos intercept X ,we used Sophos Central to manage Sophos intercept x protection for endpoint and servers. we integrated it with our azure identity system to enable single sign on in addition to 2nd factor authentication through Microsoft authenticator. we used it to manage more than 1900 endpoints (Windows,Mac) and 1400 Servers (Windows & Linux)

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"Checkpoint CloudGaurd - Best Hybrid infrastructures Cloud & OnPrem Security management."

Best centrally managed unified Cloud plus on prem security management solution. With the increase in adoption of Cloud native application architectures and resulting increase in Hybrid infrastructures, this is a must have solution for all those big enterprises out there, best experience.

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"Great security product to use for servers "

A secure system with ability for easy detection and prevention of any malwares. The product has good capabilities in prevention of threats. Deployment is simple. This tool provides good monitoring and reporting capabilities. Support is easy and friendly to reach out to and they can help you with any questions.

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"Microsoft Defender for Cloud - Safety and security delivered at its best"

I have been a constant user of Microsoft Defender for Cloud since my professional career started. The importance and ability of the product was more justified when our organization shifted to WFH (Work From Home) setup, and the safety of our data was the most pivotal aspect. I am associated with a large amount of confidential data that is stored on the cloud for the sharing and usage by my team, hence the cloud safety is of utmost importance to my organization. Defender protects the data stored in Azure, hybrid and other cloud platforms which gives it a range to operate at highest levels and across various platforms.

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"Completely new perspective for onboarding and visibility."

Orca has been overwhelmingly better than the previous products we were using that required discovery and agents. The automatic awareness of assets, configuration visibility, and even a few instances of malware showed up, one a server that was spun up for testing over a weekend with zero defenses, but Orca saw it.

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"An absolute necessity for visibility in complex environments"

During the onboarding process we were constantly impressed with how quick and easy it was to deploy to our AWS infrastructure, and equally amazed at the results we bagan to see upon deployment.

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"Symantec Data Center Security"

With my overall experience i can say is the best tool for protecting legacy machines. To my knowledge this is the only tool which is best in protecting legacy machines i.e the machines which are no longer supported by Microsoft. We lock-down the machines with required policy and it dcs do its work. Building the policies for the different servers are very easy and it automates that would save lot of time for administrators.

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"Powerful easy to manage AV"

Overall, we have had a lot of good experiences with Bitdefender. We have over 6000 endpoints plus VDI. The client itself is solid and has prevented any outbreaks. We update our backend server regularly which bring new features. Where we have had issues, support have been helpful and resolved any outstanding issues.

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"ColorTokens has an innovative Zero Trust product solution, with opportunities to grow"

Overall the ColorTokens' product, and services are coming in at an interesting market segment. By building out the product tools from the focus of the Application and Server first and then drive towards Zero Trust by locking down those connections to user and groups, Colortokens shows it strengths by providing tools that ignore the dynamic nature of end user networking and remote users that would hamper traditional static network segmentation. Overall the team behind the ColorTokens has been one of the most receptive vendors I have ever worked with for product criticism. The overall weakness that I have seen, normally involve product immaturity and integrations to preexisting systems that could provide data that currently require manual input. However, ColorTokens has not shown any design choices that would prevent those integrations in future updates and shows updates that progressively address those gaps. I can see ColorTokens and their services expanding this product in to an industry leader of Zero Trust Networking.

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"Good product, open-source friendly with a great customer support"

The product provided good features on preventing inappropriate behavior happening in our container environment, as well of good auditing and vulnerability management.

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"Great way to make lots of progress towards SOC-2 compliance."

StackRox has simplified compliance for us. We get a view in one place of how well we’re meeting the controls from CIS Benchmarks, NIST, PCI, and HIPAA and SOC-2. We really needed something for SOC-2 compliance, vulnerability management, IDS, k8s secrets issues, auditing access to customer environments, etc. StackRox ... rocks for this. Filling in vendor security assessments became much easier after we deployed StackRox.

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"Security and visibility, two necessary things for today."

It's a very powerful tool, but as many powerful things, you can think that it can be hard to use or deploy. It isn't so hard, and results are very impressive. You will know unknown flows and security issues in no time.

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"Do you really know what's in your cloud - Wiz does!"

It is so refreshing to find a vendor who works as a partner and not a 'box / solution' shifter. From pre-sales, proof of concept evaluation, contract negotiation to full implementation, such a great experience. Other vendors take note, the bar has been set very high. It took a couple of clicks to setup, across multiple cloud providers and within minutes information came streaming in. Left overnight to return the next day, valuable insights and context was achieved reducing what would have been many, many days of work. Wiz is a bit like 'ronseal' in the UK, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

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"From CI/CD through Runtime, a UNIFIED Workload Protection"

CloudGuard Workload Protection is the best cloud security solution that strongly integrates with the CGPM (posture management) and prevents from threats across applications, across APIs or microservices running across multicloud platforms. A complete DevSecOps solution that covers all SDLC cycles from development to run-time.

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"Radware Cloud Native Protector is very useful in protecting your most important data"

Radware Cloud Native Protector provides continuous monitoring of our cloud environment for suspicious behavior to help us prevent data exfiltration.

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