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What are Competitive and Market Intelligence Tools for Technology and Service Providers?

Competitive and market intelligence (C&MI) tools allow organizations to track, collect, store, analyze, and disseminate information and insights about competitors and customers collected from internal and external sources, including but not limited to social media, websites, product information, and financial filings. Such tools provide a centralized platform for all market and competitive intelligence, which can be utilized by a range of stakeholders within the organization for their specific needs.

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"Easy Integration "

Easy to learn platform - great onboarding capabilities for organization.

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"Very complete reports and precise information process"

It has more features than you expect. it can be integrated with many syslog systems and is scalable acoording to your needs.

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"Strong market research and intelligence to achieve the industry edge"

Efficient market research and competitive strategies can be developed using CI Radar. The product has data analysis and filtering capacity using its BI engine. Market analysis and requirements are well adjusted to derive curated outcomes. email briefing is built-in capability which results in channeled distribution of content and newsletters to customers. Salesforce integration can be seamlessly achieved.

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"Well constructed platform for complete market research and analysis"

Well-curated product for market research and competitive analysis. It provides a wide range of options in search to obtain a geo-centric and optimized output. Search functionality is deeply developed even to detect audio and video files. The cloud-hosted platform is secure and offers a downtime free operation. Documentations are neat systematically oriented for end-users convenience and enhance the experience. The platform offers integration points to connect with data analytics and reporting tools.

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"Ai to get insights on you and your competition"

Kompyte is a perfect solution to automate and use artificial intelligence to check performance and competition across different channels, and get insights back.

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"Aggregates Research Tools to Provide Detailed Modelling and Analytics to Help Investors"

We use Sentieo for research, and more importantly the analytical tools that allow us to aggregate research (from lots of different places and different markets) together to help inform buying decisions and improve our market insights.

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"Value-able Insight into all the Data you have (with personal customization)"

Great tool to understand and drive key decisions for the Business and stay ahead in the competitive markets. Helpful in bringing in data from various sources and put together to make real time highly understandable reports/visuals for meaningful analysis.

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"Customized reports to stakeholders."

Performs analysis, systematization and evaluation of data and information from reports and workflows of client and business activities, in order to empower them towards the procurement of other federal, state and local government business. Creation and analysis of reports. Information and data performance and behavioral metrics and analysis. Forecasting before the choice of contracting

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"It provides a solid and accessible platform to all users"

This software is intended for those users who have the ability to apply all the knowledge and professional training related to the market, its variations, trends, changes, among others, information on market intelligence, competitive intelligence, strategy, sales activation, business development, product marketing, research and development. Provides the company with fast and efficient information on market, business and customer valuation and operation.

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"Intelligence Plaza is a no brainer for global full-service analysis"

When you are looking for a broad in-depth review of your relevant markets and industries locally, domestically, and internationally M-Brain is pretty unique in delivering first-class insight. The platform is essentially an extra team of hands on deck and being a fully managed resource it is quick and easy to manage the dashboards as well as enriching the flow and quality of the data available. The data is also market aware, current and up to date. All this level of detail enhances the decision-making processes and the outcomes especially for marketing and pre-qualifying lead generation.

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"Pioneer market intelligent tool with extraordinary features"

NetVibes is widely used within the organization for delivering social media and brand monitoring. Drag and drop analytics and data visualization are key features.

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