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What is Contact Center as a Service?

Contact center as a service (CCaaS) is a SaaS-based application that enables customer service organizations to manage multichannel customer interactions holistically (using self- and assisted-service) from both customer experience and an employee experience perspective. CCaaS solutions are large systems of differentiation, enabling an adaptive, flexible delivery model with both native capabilities across the four pillars of great customer service, as well as productized integrations to partner solutions, through application marketplaces. Contact Center-as-a-Service providers enable platform standardization across the customer service organization

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"Excellent Product, Excellent Partnership"

Talkdesk has been an excellent partner. Their customer service and support are top-notch and we are consistently pleased with the product itself. They have a large breadth of applications that we hope to utilize in our second year and year one has proved to be immensely successful and superior to the applications we've used in the past. We definitely recommend Talkdesk to support centers, sales teams, and any team interacting with customers. We see ourselves continuing our partnership and use of Talkdesk in the years to come and are excited about the future integration opportunities it will bring.

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"Have No Fear....NICE CXone is Here!"

Every aspect of the NICE CXOne product has been top notch! We have been working with the NICE CXone team for over 2 years and the continued partnership has been an amazing resource. This partnership has allowed us to continue with additional products and services to become an even stronger company for our customers. As we continue to bring on additional modules, it is evident how 1st class this product and its employees are! Anyone who has seen NICE CXone in action would know that this software is top in its market and continually improving on best in class.

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"Contact Center With Options To Keep You Growing!"

The Five9 team makes the whole contact center migration process extremely easy if you are thinking about switching. The sales team are extremely knowledgeable in their contact center offerings, and the company as a whole understands that there is a huge consumer evolution happening where people want to communicate when and in the format of their choosing. Although I did not have a business need for all of their products at launch, I could see that their products would continue to grow as our business needs evolved as well. As with any new relationships or business ventures, you will encounter unexpected situations. Everyone from the sales team to upper management is there to partner with as questions arise which takes customer service to a whole new level. I also greatly appreciated the teams willingness to meet the team at their level of understanding throughout the process.

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"Excellent Customer Support/Service and a top notch quality VCC Platform"

Vonage provides a state of the art solution through their VCC Platform, that has been of great benefit operationally to our Call Centers. Their Customer Support and Service is absolutely exceptional and their Customer Success Manager is the most brilliant, professional, helpful and problem solving minded I have ever experienced in my career so far. They deliver what they promise, they regularly go to the extra mile for their customers and they are an incredible pleasure to work with.

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"Give Dialpad a try for better customer service! "

Dialpad creates internal and operational efficacies as well as customer service and customer relation with easy of use. Being able to listen to calls in real time and have discussion in-house on how calls should be handled are one of the better features created by using Dialpad. The fact that there are multiple ways to log in helping stay on top of calls while one the go is a huge plus. Hands down better than its closest competitors and the price savings doesn't hurt either. Transcription in real time make it so nothing is missed and being able to hear the calls and get graded in real time speed of service and well as being able to intergrade and call clients back when they don't want to remain on hold is great.

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"Most complete CCaaS platform we've found with great capabilities and experiences"

Partnering with Genesys for our call center needs has been great overall. Everyone at Genesys is professional, knowledgeable, and prompt when working with them in any capacity. When we started looking to update our call center software, we used a technology partner that helped us find the best solution for us. It ended up being Genesys Cloud CX. The discovery process was very thorough, and quick to present a solution from the sales team. The pricing was competitive to the feature set that other CCaaS providers were offering and Genesys had several integrations that met our requirements and goals of a new platform. They claimed they could also migrate and onboard our company into Cloud CX within 60 days. Sure enough, the Cloud CX implementation team built, trained, and ensured our launch in 62 days of starting the project. The implementation team was very structured in their project management approach. It started with discovery calls, process/flow diagrams, and reviews, then working sessions. They even held "train the trainer" sessions to ensure our admins and department leaders were able to learn the new platform and that was also a huge help during training time. Once we launched the platform to our agents, it was a seamless cutover and the Genesys implementation team was on standby for the next couple of weeks to make sure everything stayed smooth with the cutover. We have been on the Genesys Cloud CX platform for over a year now and it's made our capabilities to serve our customers much easier than before. We have the ability to build chat, email, SMS, and call flows all from this single platform which helps keep our systems consolidated and familiar. Overall, our company as a whole has had a great experience with using Genesys Cloud CX.

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I only experienced a few bugs here and there throughout this beta test, so overall my experience was great!

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"AWS Amazon Connect - the best CCaaS Choice"

The AWS Amazon Connect team has been wonderful to work with, listens to our needs and brings forward solutions to resolve even the most complex opportunities. There is an ability to flex staff up and down as required without a need to worry about license usage which saves us time and money.

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"No brainier for contact center "

Outstanding product and services. As our Trust's a single point of contact is a critical part of the services provided in the region. Moving to content gurus Storm platform has changed the way we think of contact we patience and how we can get the patient to the correct clinical service in the most frictional way. We now have external services wanting the capability Storm has brought to the Trust. for our Trust this is just the beginning of an exciting journey with content guru. As a Technical Architect I find their engagement spot on not to many sales pitches . Reviews focus on road-map development and leverage of existing capabilities. Their enthusiasm for the product is a breath of fresh air. The support team have the experience of all sectors and bring that knowledge to engagement sessions . The team rapidly respond to technical queries or new initiative the Trust are involved with . Content guru have critical partnerships in the Unified Communications sphere this is a unique value add the Trust benefits from . an example being integration with the Trusts cloud telephony platform.

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"Odigo, the partner of Contact Center Omnichannel that all customers should have"

We have an important backlog with Odigo in which we have also integrated this experience into the Salesforce CRM and the synergies are extraordinary.

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"Amazing folks and product!"

I have worked with this contact center solution since 2012 and have always had amazing work completed and in timely fashion. The people are who make the company and enjoy working with them every time! Couple of upgrades resulted in zero downtime and huge reporting capability.

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"Excellent out of the box software with a few room for improvement areas."

The overall ease of use out of the box is exceptional. Overall service and training are very good. Attentive to questions and will look to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

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"Complete out of the box solution for all call center needs "

I have been using the platform for the last 20 years. We have done some amazing items for the companies we have installed the platform in. We have lowered their average call handle time and routed calls more efficiently.

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"Effective, simple solution with a nice team of people behind it"

We use cloud talk to manage all of our inbound calls. We also have it integrated with intercom so we know who is calling and can attribute the calls to the support threads. In our case cloud talk helps organize all of our phone based operations into a single, simple operation.

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"All in one Solution for your Contact Center"

My job is to program and develop for our in house Genesys applications. Our company is fortunate to use many various products that Genesys has. We have inbound voice, outbound, chat, email, iWD, and WFM. Along with those we have the full reporting suites as well for real time and historical reporting. One of the things I love most about Genesys is how their products interact with each other so well. It is very easy to associate a chat with a voice customer. Or to associate a Workitem with someone who has emailed us before. This kind of central integration leads to a better picture of how the customer interacts with our business. I also really enjoy the variation in products they provide. Like I started in the Title of the review, they really are an all in one solution. They have the traditional voice routing, but now they have much more complex ways to route work to employees. For example, iWD can be used to route back office work. This takes reporting metrics to a whole new level. I also appreciate their support. My role is to do actual development. I run in to issues periodically and need to open a support ticket. Their support is top notch. They are usually able to resolve my issue in a day or so and that is greatly appreciated.

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"Informed and Fats customer service"

Great customer service. Very informed and educated staff. Issues are addressed in real time. Systems issues are very rare the service almost never lags.

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"First Class Support and Service"

Their support and service has been nothing short of phenomenal. They have always delivered on their promises and gone above and beyond to meet our demands.

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"Serenova is nearly infinitly moldable to fit your contact center needs."

The customer support of Serenova is umatched and the capabilities of their call flows are endless if you can learn to code a little bit(This coming from someone with no coding background what so ever).

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"GLIA is an Excellent Partner with a Great Product."

GLIA has been an excellent partners in our customer enhancement journey and has been a critical reason that our initiatives were implemented even in the current environment.

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