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Avaya Aura Contact Center

Complex implementation requiring multiple vendor solutions but very well supported

Continuity maintained with existing solutions, with improvements Integrates well with Nuaunce voice biometrics solutions, AVST & Telstrat technologies and good 3rd party support Price needs to be more attractive, better integration with Google and Microsoft cloud technologies for office solutions needs

Avaya Aura Contact Center

Strong tool but more overhead than expected given the size of our environment

Support from Avaya has worked well. Takes way too long to get a quote.

Avaya IP Office Contact Center

Great Call Center Tool

The system is pretty robust and takes some getting used to. Reports are very helpful (both live data and historical) and the output is user-friendly.

Avaya Aura Call Center Elite

Integrators try to force your organization and business to conform to their model.

Working through an Integration Partner of Avaya (SPS). I would have preferred more Avaya Professional Services.

Avaya IP Office Contact Center

Avaya - I know why they're going bankrupt

Well... Since day one we've had issues with this phone system that neither our installation vendor, nor Avaya could come up with resolutions on. We received approx 2 hr of "admin" training which didn't show anything and we've been fumbling just to get anywhere. We've attempted to send people for training and we had a lot of issues getting something set up.

Avaya IP Office Contact Center

Quick setup, and easy reporting.

So far since we have rolled out this product at our new location, it has been quiet a breeze to use. It is very easy to manage and the built in report supervisor settings make it quiet simple to customize your own reports as needed to properly analyze the call flow going on in your call center.

Avaya Aura Contact Center

Good product, and good support in the process

Knowing what we wanted and how we wanted it to work with current systems made it a simpler installation. We did have to do a "dot" release upgrade about six months after completion.

Avaya Contact Center Select

We've asked a third part system integrator's help to deploy Avaya ACCS in our productivity

We've encountered only problems about the implementation of a new product, with a new "user experience". But after a reasonable time all works fine.

Avaya Aura Contact Center

Proven product with easy implementation and good support staff

Every stable product with good support

Avaya Aura Contact Center

Easy with experienced Avaya staff

Good experience.