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Customer Experience Platform

Implemented Genesys 8.5

The deployment was completed internally, but there was some contact with the vendor for application software version compatibility with the selected OS.

Customer Experience Platform

Lower per seat cost.

Good experience with Support Desk during incident and problem investigation.


The platform implementation is easy, but social media needs more work by the moment

The chat & email functions performed well since the first day in use. The Social Media attendance (Facebook & Twitter) was a bit more painful and shows more immature, having some problems we could not resolve yet. The provider is developing new versions and fixes to solve some missing items we found on the platform.

Genesys Enterprise Edition

An Excellent Business Partner

Genesys has been a partner of ours for a long time. We have used many of their products throughout our various call centers. Genesys continues to be the leader in new call center technology. Our call centers have seen amazing success by using their products. Whenever we have a new idea that we would like to see come to fruition, Genesys is usually able to supply us with a product that meets or exceeds our expectations. Their technology continues to impress both agents and management with what they can provide us. Our partnership continues to grow even after 9 years of working together.

Customer Experience Platform

Not working as well as presented

Many many bugs and glitches. Reporting Cases for issues, many issues are never fixed or left broken. Enhancement requests are not guaranteed. Over 100 bugs and breaks reported. Customer support not available in native languages for our EU region. No outbound calling for EU. No outbound emailing. Incorrect reporting. Time-consuming to fix one issue. In order to get full support, it will cost $5,000 more to buy tokens. Cannot prioritize emails. No junk filter. No language detection.

Genesys Enterprise Edition

Ensure you have strong technical expertise from the onset.

Sales process had full support. Communications and management during deployment were good. Strong technical resources for niche components were very hard to get within vendor and in the general public. Expertise seems to have limited resources to the general public.

Genesys Enterprise Edition

Flexible product but it has lots of configuration

flexible product that can scale significantly higher.

Customer Experience Platform

State of the Art Architecture

Genesys is easy to deploy , integrate and managed by internal teams

Genesys Enterprise Edition

Implementation was easy and lots of new cutting edge features

They are rushing new products and features way too fast - sometimes making the product unstable.

Customer Experience Platform

Implementation of web enagement tool was easy, need for internal development of PCI forms

Deep partnerships with this vendor allow for tight collaboration, support from our account team and industry best practices.