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MiContact Center Enterprise Edition

Solid feature set, hard to beleive Cisco at times wins out over these folks.

The product just plain works. The best decision I've made in some time. The only drawback is the learning curve, although I can say that is a concern shared across most vendors. Mitel has, hands down, the best bang for the buck.


MiContact Center Enterprise Edition

Get a plan created and approved before starting and work.

There was a lot of implementation that needed to be done at the last minute without any previous planning. The vendor didn't really survey our site, identify risks, and create an implementation plan. Instead, the vendor just moved from one work center to the next and did whatever work needed to be done at that location to put the switches, cabling and phones in place. This caused a lot of grief with out data center support. There were regular arguments on who should install what, passwords, cabling routes, etc.

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