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What is Corporate Learning?

Corporate learning solutions include applications that help organizations train, develop and engage their learners. These applications continue to expand the functionality and robustness of their components. Furthermore, they help organizations with compliance, certifications, onboarding, talent development, upskilling, collaboration, coaching and mentoring, sales training, partner education, and customer training.

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"Absorb has greatly enhanced our training delivery and reporting capabilities."

The product itself is user-friendly, however the exceptional customer service and prompt support from the Onboarding Specialist and later by the Client Success Manager made the transition far easier than expected. This likewise enabled a more rapid integration and corporate-wide acceptance of the platform. As additional Practice Areas within the company became aware of the system and its capabilities, they actively engaged and requested additional training opportunities and delivery methodologies, allowing an exponential growth in the company's training effort and delivery capability.

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"E learning the SAP way and getting successful "

I would like to say that SAP Successfactors LMS tool is the best in class. I liked the easy access to the interface of this software when I was first introduced to this tool to undergo POSH training during induction program and since then I did many trainings through this platform. I liked the way training was designed on this platform and how easy it was to navigate through the platform. It took e learning to next level in our company.

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"Great training system but, support is through Third-party Vendors"

SABA is a cloud solution that integrates well with our HR software to deploy education for our Employees.

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"Tovuti is a great product with tons of features and great functionality!"

Tovuti had the best features/functionality for us. They offered tons of customization to the site that were available on other platforms, lots of ways to engage the users with different types of learning, and the easiest platform or adding content and a HUGE variety of testing/quiz options. It was one of only a couple that allowed users to easily upload their own training/certificate completions for tracking, and it was priced reasonably.

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"Organization level e-Learnings for employee development, easy to use and navigate"

Cornerstone learning tool is premium and has lots of features and content. It allows user to see their tasks and due dates for the learning assigned to them. Rich content with read through information, video based content, quiz on regular intervals, % based online test to complete the learning makes it a comprehensive tool. Deployment was easy and integrates easily with other tools. It has both web version and mobile version to access remotely. Raising requests for any course is easy and you can track the status of the request.

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"Captivate Prime teaches me everything"

Captivate Prime is a great wat to teach new clients or new employees. We can customize our learning tools/package and distribute them to clients/employees as needed.

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"Learning in the 21st Century"

Docebo allowed us to integrate a hybrid model of training for our retail staff across ME. It was integral that we have a system where learners can learn at their own pace, collaborate with fellow learners and share their experiences in store. Over the last year we have garnered informative assets mostly curated by our retail staff which helped the new joiners understand the workflow and expectations. Our integration was a seamless process where they had booked calls with us every recurring week to help us navigate and implement our goals on the platform. Within time the platform became relative and fun to use. I'd however like to point out that the 'collaboration' feature is something that we are still striving to achieve. Maybe Docebo can have a better UI feature for notifications and comments where the learners feel like adding on to the community- espcially on mobile

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"SumTotal User Experience "

I have been using the platform for eLearning courses for myself as well viewing what courses my team has done. Loving it.

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"An enterprise level learning & development management solution, easy to use & track tasks"

Workday e-Learning tool has lots of functionalities to provide the better eLearning services at organization level and allows the admin to curate and customize the content and assign it to the target teams. Dashboard on the homepage is very helpful to provide the status of completed, pending and the tasks that are near due dates helps to prioritize the activities. It helps for better employee engagement and development in more transparent way. Notifications for any task assigned and reminders for completion of task that are due. It allows to creates different ways of making the content and assign. Overall this is a must have tool to streamline the learning activities.

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"Simple-to-use Learner User Interface and excellent Learner Experience"

Litmos has a new support feature that matches one of their people up with our company to better support us. They also are now using "mentors" from Litmos to help with technical information and set up questions. We can contact one of the mentors if we want to know best practices or better ways of doing things.

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""Great Product..Hassle Free..Great Support""

Great product for recruitment. Since it is oracle product, the support which we get from Oracle techies is great. Also, a lot of content for learning the functionality is available online and is also provided with the product. Also, the User Interface is great for people who are from non-technical background. I would strongly recommend this product. We are currently using this product in our organization.

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"Perfect platform to create eLearning course"

360Learning is a blessing in disguise during Covid related crisis during which we had to suspend face-to-face training. The quality of the knowledge base is rich in information and solutions in 360learning. I like the ability to separate users into groups according to department or role making it easy to communicate job-specific training programs and collect data. It is a dynamic platform that not only makes training rollouts easier but also teaches us how to build engaging and impactful content.

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"Zoho Showtime for all your presenting needs"

Think not twice when you need to create a visually appealing presentation or catch your audience in breathless moment Zoho Showtime is one of the best I have ever used in my career. Since it is a browser based tool, we do not have to have extra system preferences to have the show going, a decent browser powerful enough to handle the application gets the work done Not only does it help in stunning presentations but also, helps in conferencing with potential users

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"Brightspace/D2L is a GREAT choice!"

The company I was working with was looking for a new LMS. I had used D2L as a teacher at the community college and I highly recommended it. The implementation and training was very smooth and we were up and running quickly.

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"Best in breed learning tool for professional development"

Degreed has the best learning exeperience I have ever seen. It has clean and intuative user interface and contents are feeded based on profile metadata.

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"LMS with Incredible Flexibility and Intuitive Interface for Users and L&D Managers/Admin"

Our organization needed a platform that was easy to manage yet had the versatility to truly deliver multiple learning programs at the same time. From leadership development and employee onboarding to annual compliance training, LearnUpon has been efficient, user friendly, intuitive, and best of all reliable. Working in past systems, there were so many little details to create a specific course assignment for learners, you almost had to have the mind of the system designer to complete the task. LearnUpon is designed so that L&D managers can easily navigate the system and complete the admin tasks in an appropriate amount of time so they can get back to the work that drives the business forward instead of taking precious time just being a system admin. The implementation process was also clear and concise. ##. was a true partner in understanding our business needs and then tailoring the training for our admins to ensure not only did they understand the system as a whole, but thanks to him, they now had the power and tricks to truly achieve their objectives in reporting, user management, and course creation. He was also a diligent partner during our go-live phase and had incredibly quick and thoughtful solutions and in the cases where he couldn't provide the solution himself, he personally connected us to someone who could instead of just giving us a ticket number for escalation. That kind of customer care is exceedingly rare these days. With LearnUpon being an "out of the box" program, it is gratifying that you can have so much flexibility within the system as an L&D manager/ system admin. I cannot wait to see how LearnUpon continues to grow and adapt to the now ever-increasing demand for remote learning and what exciting integrations they bring in the future.

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"A+ for innovation and customer service"

From beginning to end, Axonify has constantly left me pleasantly surprised. Through the entire implementation process (almost two years ago now) their team helped me understand the best way to leverage the platform and occasionally even provided with cheat sheets to help me stay organized and prove ROI. Now that the platform is established, I still maintain regular contact with my rep (Erin) who keeps me updated on upcoming changes and helps me work through my company specific challenges as they come up. In addition to the excellent customer service, they are always innovating the platform to resolve issues just as I start realizing they exist. This often creates the illusion that they are acting like a modern day fairy tale character, like the elves that helped the shoemaker in the night.

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"TalentLMS for your Organisation Learning Needs"

TalentLMS is well designed software which suits needs of enterprise learning management solutions. Its also much suitable for individual course providers. It provides SCORM compliant platform where you can replicate the use of content in other platforms as well when in need in future. Overall with wide variety of features including individual quizzes, tracking of progress of each users, assigning methodologies this software generates high value to the end users.

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"An all rounder in corporate Learning and Training Management deployment across industries"

G-Cube has a modernized approach to training and their LMS is loaded with proactive and motivating activities.

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"Good for relaying information but challenging to keep information retained by employees "

What works well with this service is the versatility. If we need to get out a quick piece of information to our contact center agents we can do so. If we need to provide more important information and then quiz them about it to ensure they are retaining info then it is great! Unfortunately, when it is used too much the agents just click through the online updates we sent and really don't retain much.

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