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Adaptive Planning

Smooth implementation with minimal hiccups.

Our overall implementation experience has gone well. Adaptive's in-house implementation team has been responsive and knowledgeable, which was a key factor in our decision to go with their solution.

Adaptive Planning

Feels like Excel, but less prone to error. Integrates well with NetSuite

Product connects with NetSuite, works seamlessly. Functionality is good as expected. Good for scenario planning.

Adaptive Planning

Adaptive Insights - Simply The Best

Overall positive experience. We have clearer visibility to our financials which was lacking in the past.

Adaptive Planning

Adaptive is a long-term investment - lot of upfront work but it'll pay off very quickly!


Adaptive Planning

Adaptive is Tool of Choice for Financial and Operational Metrics Reporting

Though we are a small but rapidly growing company, Adaptive has treated me as thought we are much larger. Their sales and support teams are simply outstanding to work with. Everyone from implementation to on-going customer support to hand-offs between sales and service was phenomenal. The product's feature set is excellent, and since it is cloud-based, allows my team tremendous flexibility from a serviceability standpoint.

Adaptive Planning

Adaptive Insights - Best in Class.

Excellent customer service. Implementation has been smooth and couldn't ask for a better team to work with.

Adaptive Planning

Great implementation with on-going improvement rollouts.

The relationship with the vendor was extremely positive and implementation and on-going support was great.

Adaptive Planning

Implementation was great, customer support is outstanding.

Customer service is excellent.

Adaptive Discovery, Adaptive Planning

Adaptive Insights is the future of finance.

Overall adaptive has been a great experience. The platform as a whole is transforming the way reporting is done across the organization. It's probably going to serve as a replacement of excel and PowerPoint especially when it comes to presentations. Solely because it places the information at the hands of individual users by allowing them to view trends in various ways.

Adaptive Planning

Adaptive Insights is a must have for any company of any size.

Adaptive Insights is a great tool for any business of any size. It saves a great deal of time, which allows the Accounting/Finance team to be much more efficient in allowing everyone in the company to have the ability to view their financials in a timely manner.