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Cognos TM1

Implementation was basically straightforward and past investment can be leveraged

The IBM solution is a mature, established solution that we were able to leverage our previous investment in the core technology platform (Cognos Planning). The upgrade and rollout was assisted by a consultant from IBM, and the project technical lead is an IBM veteran who has many years of working on Cognos. Some of the technical problems we ran into were specific to the virtualization technology and network topology. The virtual machines were running on VMWare but the core storage was SAN. We ran into some technical issues that required close collaboration between the storage vendors, hosting vendor and other infrastructure teams. The IBM consultant was knowledgeable, but not always familiar with the newer releases and features. We already ran into specific issues related to Identity Management solution integration but it was resolved in time.

Cognos TM1

Powerful software, yet complex and laiden with overlapping development tools

IBM is a solid vendor with a good support model behind it. Their product portfolio can be confusing to navigate. Installing the TM1 software solution was not overly complicated. Building the application upon the system was moderately complex due to the vast flexibility and power of the software. We migrated from Cognos Enterprise Planning (EP) so there was much less flexibility in EP vs TM1. However the additional flexibility came with a cost in regards to the complexity associated with the model development. Also, as TM1 migrates from Architect to Performance Modeler we are frustrated that there is significant overlap between the two tools and also you have to still use both for certain features.

Cognos TM1

Implementation was challenging. TM1 has its own development language.

Cognizant was the third party who implemented the system. It was not designed to be flexible and enhancements are needed. The Finance department was using spreadsheets and indicated TM1 did reduced manual calculations.

Cognos TM1

BI Analytics for Healthcare

Most experience with the vendor is practically none since inhouse takes care of training and users, etc...

Cognos TM1

Implementation was easy for supply chain.

Easy to work with, superior to our prior technology

Cognos TM1

Excellent implementation

We were very successful. On-time and under budget

Cognos TM1

The product is robust and efficient but there is no more major evolution!

We build with IBM a solid partnership since years

Cognos TM1

Ups and downs with IBM Cognos TM1

Worked well: knowledgeable partner Did not work well: pre-sales and post-sales support

Cognos TM1

Easy for users who are familiar with analytics to transition to

Availability of technical consulting was limited. Otherwise a strong analytics tool easy for users who are familiar with Excel etc, to transition to.

IBM CognosTM1

Great technology to support highly structured business processes.

Generally a great product. To get the full value, the organization should integrate with the full Cognos suite.