3.5 out of 5 (4 Ratings)

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Implementation longer than expected partly due to needed version product upgrades.

Still in progress and only partly implemented.


Good products but lacking implementation support

Advanced HTML5 front end with Web Service integration capability. Weak on the implementation support. Their consulting services are very low on quality, skilled staff so plan to source your own consultants to implement their solution.


Transition from the 4.x to 6.x is a different product but can achieve the results.

The migration path from the 4.x products to the 6.x products were not as smooth as we expected with the primary difference being user interface (not good), performance (on premise was better) and functional learning curve. Infor did a good job of supporting the implementations, providing advice and service, as well as connecting us with other customers who had done the same conversation. Good overall experience.


Confidence is high, time will tell.

We're still in the early implementation stages, but vendor has established a high degree of confidence. It is a suite being added to existing Infor Cloud modules. The Government release very new, but private sector reviews have been good.