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Aura Communication Manager, Avaya Aura Platform

Implemetation and upgrade from physical servers to Virtual

This was an upgrade from an old version, the new software and virtual hardware allows us to expand service offerings and to take advantage of newer IP and wireless tech.

IP Office

Good overall product - not for inexperienced installer

Overall the product is sound and reliable. Annual maintenance is generally too expensive to maintain. The administration is relatively straightforward and adapted to quickly. Implementation and on-going administration still require a telecommunications background and experience.

IP Office

Good product fair price, lots of features

There are many VoIP systems out there. Avaya has always been in the forefront as far as I am concerned. Their products are rock solid, the upgrade path is simple, and managing the platform is easy for non-techies.

IP Office

Implementation was straight forward and management works well

The Avaya IP Office Manager works very well for the most part. There are a few minor quirks and sometimes (not often) it closes unexpectedly.

Aura Communication Manager

Product works great as advertised.

Avaya's professional services are excellent technical resources that ensure a solid implementation. While Avaya has great technical resources, their backoffice is highly bureaucratic, making the business side of the engagement especially time consuming and slow.

Aura Communication Manager, Avaya Aura Platform

Implementation was fairly easy, support can be difficult at times. call center apps good.

The Avaya Aura Platform works well and is what I would call "standard" in how it is implemented. The software and licensing are easily deployed and the functionality is what was expected. User training for new features was fairly easy to implement. Remote support from Avaya is somewhat challenging at times. The overseas support model -follow the sun- is difficult to use or understand sometimes, overflowing into unfairly blaming the Avaya software at times. For the most part, I do not think any other vendor can come close to the call center applications that Avaya produces.

Aura Communication Manager


Great product, willing to expand to CM 7 .

Aura Communication Manager, Avaya Aura Platform, IP Office

Satisfied with reliability and security

Very good product and 3rd party support

IP Office

Avaya IP Office Implementation

The vendor did a good job of assessing the needs that we had and providing adequate solutions for those needs. We were able to implement the profiles for our users in a way that worked between multiple locations and gave the ability to move from the PBX format to VoIP technology. The adoption took some time as we added several different device types and migrated from a different platform. Overall job well done.

Aura Communication Manager


The Services and Sales have been increasing hard to work with over the years