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Connect HYBRID

Proven but not bleeding edge

Proven and mature technology implementation that was not bleeding edge

Connect ONSITE

Shoretel Connect Onsite - Should not be in your strategic plan.

Shoretel is a product for a small business with less than 5 sites. Its distributed on-premise style of imiplementation limits design and drives up cost. Be very careful if your business is growing to the 1000+ user plateau with over 15 sites, this will not be the solution for you. We are fully reliant on our 3rd party supplier for technical support and new implementations. Our version of Shortel is stable, though very limited in functionality. So technical support costs are costly for us as we have a retainer with this 3rd party supplier. Shoretel cloud solution is a disaster currently - we will NOT move to it due to all the issues they currently have. Our 3rd party support vendor will not even sell the product anymore. Overall - if your a large business, stick with Cisco or other high end VoIP system. If you are medium sized (like us), start looking at hosted solutions and stay FAR away from on prem solutions like Shoretel Connect ONSITE.

Connect ONSITE

Shortel an Average Approach

Expected more knowledge on integration with existing phone systems, but overall performance was good.

Connect ONSITE

ShoreTel VoIP - Works But Support Needs To Be Better.

Phone calling, VM, and other main features are working correctly. We are in the process of adding a collaborator server, redundant backup links and a communications bundle that was purchased with our ShoreTel system. Support has been problematic with our vendor. They have tried to make things work as advertised but there have been problems since the onsite implementation. We will be scheduling another onsite with our vendor. The upgrade process should have been pre-planned better to eliminate wasted time during the onsite implementation.