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Freshdesk Customer Support Software

Great customer support desk software.

We have found Freshdesk to be a very well designed and user friendy customer support desk software.

Freshdesk Customer Support Software

Communication was key, and roll out was easy

It was very easy to communicate with Freshdesk and they were very attentive. They were very good about setting up calls to discuss how to roll out the tool and how to work through any issues we experienced. They've done a good job of publishing many articles and how to guides that help with the process. We had some issues getting the SSO functionality to work at first, but they were patient and helped our team work through the problems.

Freshdesk Customer Support Software

Freshdesk is simple on the outside, but powerful on the inside.

The user interface for end-users was the #1 driver of adoption of this platform and I've yet to find another that beats it. I point other vendors to this one as the gold standard for what I am looking for in user interactions.

Freshdesk Customer Support Software

Fast implementation with benefits seen immediately

Quick implementation and integration to existing systems meant that from day one we were seeing the benefit of such a system. Deciding on a solution is always a lengthy process, but a clear and concise roadmap and feature comparison helped narrow down options.

Freshdesk Customer Support Software

Implementation was easy, plug in are great, need a little bit more work for full solution.

The vendor has been helpful in every aspect, they have done web ex to help when we got stuck.

Freshdesk Customer Support Software

Easy implementation; easy to use; easy to customize; breadth of features was surprising.

Found them via Google and took advantage of the free trial.