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Implementation very easy, powerful targeting rule engine, Excellency of iAdvize team

Until now we have not found better solutions to offer our customers the chat channel. We have extended to community chat and facebook channel. Our regret is that the solution does not allow to deal with mails and an autonomous knowledge base on our website which oblige us to combine several solutions. The iAadvize support is the best we have compared to our other vendors.


Implementation was very well managed and everything delivered that was promised

Implementation was smooth and everything delivered that was promised, since implementation we have grown from strength to strength with iAdvize's soltuion enabling us to grow contact share via chat to over 30%. We have been so impressed by the solution and offerings iAdvize have, that we are now migrating our social message management into their solution. We have experienced blips along the ways and the original service management proposition was not ideal, however iAdvize listened to our feedback and we now have a much more structured service management propostion that works well for us. Fantastic expereince overall, I would fully recommend any organsiation that has or wants to introduce chat/social message management to seriously consider iAdvize.